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Pajamas for hospital?

I've been searching for comfy pajamas to wear in the hospital. Button down shirt with pants or capris in a dark color (navy or black). Button down so I can nurse with skin to skin contact without having to take my top off, dark colors in case of leakage. All I can find in stores or online is short sets or super light colors or things in size small. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on them, hoping to stay in the $20-$40 price range. Any suggestions?

Re: Pajamas for hospital?

  • This is my predicament. I'm looking for gowns though. I don't care for PJs too much. Maybe something like an oversized man shirt so BF and skin to skin will be easy.
  • I would recommend button down sleep shirts. THats what I'm bringing anyways. I don't really want anything on my waist.
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  • I was searching for the same yesterday and had great luck at Kohls and the sets were also 50% off! Check there! Good luck!!
  • @katrinamorgan I tried Kohl's today and everything was light colors
  • Bummer! I got navy blue, black and cranberry colored ones.
  • Majamas brand is great!
  • I got some at Walmart yesterday. The top is cotton but still buttons and they had shorts or capris to match. I got the set in black and it was only like $22 for the set.
  • I got 3 sets the other day at. Wal-Mart, on clear at, five dollars each.
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    I've been looking for night gowns too. I can't seem to find any under $30.. I'm not picky at all, I just need one for each night at the hospital. Also to the mama's getting shirts and bottoms, pack something that is a little on the long side incase of c sestion. With my first I only had tshirts mm and bottoms it was unpleasantly uncomfortable when I had visitors and no pants on.
  • I found a deep purple nightgown at walmart for $12 I knew to get a somewhat big size and that way I can just bring the top down while trying to breastfeed and its actually loose enough to fit baby right inside for skin to skin contact
  • Check target they have great pajamas. That's where I'm going for mine.
  • Im just going to wear the hospital gowns.  We dont want any visitors so I dont care what I look like, and rather not spend the money on pajamas.
  • I went to Walmart this morning and ended up getting bigger nightgowns/sleep shirts. They are big enough to easily slide down for BF and skin to skin. Going to buy capris from Target online just in case I'm able to wear pants. Also bought a short robe/open shirt to wear over the gowns. All dark colors and only $16 for the gowns. And I bought a nursing sleep bra and slippers for the hospital. Scored big time at Walmart!
  • I found really comfortable button down t-shirt gowns (not a fan of bottoms) at tjmax for $10+ depending on the designer. I also got a pack of larger undies for $3.50 I figure Im going need larger undies for a while after giving birth
  • I saw some a Ross yesterday. I didn't buy any BC j had already packed my bag. I thinki packed some loose pajama bottoms and then a long nightgown that is tank top on top and loose so I can slide it down. I also packed a nursing tank with a built in nursing bra (target) so I can wear with the pajama bottoms. And I am open to just wearing the hospital gowns if I am not feeling up to putting what I packed on. Oh I did buy some cheep slippers at target to walking around the room/hospital.
  • I'll chime in and say WalMart as well.
    Something like this?

    I think with DD I got mine from Sears, on clearance. I still have them almost 11 years later, too. And I bought them on clearance for $5. BUT they are light. I figured for $5 I wouldn't mind tossing them if need be.

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  • Victoria's Secret and pea in the pod!
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    Target has.. Well last time I looked, had these. And Victoria secret.
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    Oh by VS is like ridiculously expensice
    Motherhood maternity has some pretty affordable options that look comfy in both nightgowns and top and bottoms
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