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Baby fights sleep!

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My baby is almost 10 weeks old.  About two weeks ago, he started fighting sleep like crazy!  All my old tricks (stroller rides, car rides, bouncing, shushing, lullabies, white noise, etc) that used to get him to fall sleep no longer work.  I'm at my wit's end.

He's a super alert baby.  He seems to only be able to be awake for 45 minutes before needing a nap.  (Is that normal for his age?)  I know how important it is to get him to sleep before he's overtired.  If I go even 5 minutes past that point, it takes an hour or more of serious crying and me trying one thing after another before he sleeps... even though he's exhausted!!

I feel like the majority of my time with him these days is trying to get him to sleep.  It's discouraging, exhausting and making me question my abilities as a mom.  :(
Can anyone suggest any tips, please?  Or did anyone else go through something similar around this time?  I'm hoping to find some reassurance and hope. 

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  • Thank you so much for the tips.  And the reassurance!  I'm glad to hear I'm not alone on spending so much time getting my little one to sleep.  The first few weeks of his life, I let him set his sleep schedule entirely.  I didn't push naps at all because he slept so easily.  Now he would never sleep if he had his own way.  I'll chalk it up the change to him getting older and not wanting to miss anything. :)

    Thanks for the carrier idea.  I do wear him in an Ergo carrier from time to time, but it's usually after he's already fallen asleep.  I'll try wearing him in the carrier for longer periods when he's awake to see how it goes. Fingers crossed!  :)

    I'm worried about contributing to bad sleep habits down the road, but I'm giving myself a hall-pass the first three months of his life.  

    Thanks again!
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