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MIL issues

My MIL is super overbearing in general (DH is an only child :/), but ever since my twins were born six weeks ago she is on over drive!!! She calls every day... Sometimes twice a day! I can deal with that and most the time, as terrible as it sounds, I just ignore her calls. But one thing she has been doing that I can not ignore. I have caught her referring to herself as 'mama' when talking to my babies... Weird and completely inappropriate right? My husband seems to think I am blowing it out of proportion but I am totally disgusted that she refers to herself that way. I also must say I don't think it's purposeful, she does correct herself from time to time... But really... I am the mama lady!!! Suggestions on how to gently address this with her?? Otherwise I may pop my cork next time she does it.

Re: MIL issues

  • I wouldn't like this either.  Your DH should address it with her not you though. It doesn't matter if he thinks you are overreacting it is still his responsibility to handle his family if something is upsetting you.  

    However, have you thought of asking her what she would like your twins to call her ie Grammy, Nana etc? Tell her you wish to start referring to her that way around the children ASAP so it sets in.  Maybe that could resolve the issue without really even bringing it up.  

    I think its weird when Grandma's do the whole "How is my baby" thing but I can brush that off much easier than if my MIL called herself "Mama" around my kids.  I don't remember her being there and waking up with my kid at 12, 2 and 4 every morning so...that would bug me too. 
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