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XP STMS - Nursing Tanks

I'm due in August with our second baby. Anyone have any recommendations on good, supportive, preferably lined
nursing tanks that you don't need a bra with? I'm not very large
chested. Never got above a large B with my daughter even fully engorged
so supportive isn't a huge concern, but I'd like to find something lined
that will do a decent job of hiding breast pads (I leaked clear through
till I weaned at 18 months). I never used nursing tanks with my
daughter, just nursing bras, but I figure I'm going to be doing a lot
more NIP this time and thought nursing tanks might be more convenient
than nursing bras for trying to keep tummy and upper chest covered
without using an actual nursing cover (been there, done that and know
the obvious drawbacks). I can't even imagine trying to juggle baby,
nursing bra, breast pad, normal tank top plus shirt... :P

Re: XP STMS - Nursing Tanks

  • I got some Jessica Simpson nursing tanks from motherhood. They have padding in them, so offer great coverage. They weren't enough support for me (32 F), but if you're a B cup they would probably work for you. They're cute too, they have lace trim, I was really bummed that they didn't fit me.
  • Okay I will try and check those ones out. Thank you!
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