Advice(birth on 5-12)

hey ladies. My son was born on 5-12 at 25 weeks 6 days. He has a grade 3 brain bleed as well as a PDA that he might need surgery for, pending next echo on Mondah. Has anyone been through these situations. I'm stressed and nervous because I don't know the outcome. Has anyone been through this before? I would love any advice that anyone can give me.

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  • My daughter had a PDA that didn't respond to the first round of meds. They discussed surgery and decided to try one more round of meds, which worked. Fingers crossed that one gets marked off your list easily!
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  • My son was a 29wker and had grade 3 IVH. Bleeds are somewhat common with premature babies but depending on the grade of the bleed, where the bleed is, how long it took to discover and how it is treated, effects can vary. Some babies are fine and the bleed resolves itself during their hospital stay, others have fluid retention or some babies can have developmental delays or other concerns depending on area of the brain where the bleed occurred- motor, speech, feeding etc. I hated this response when I was in the nicu but the truth is, only time can tell you what will happen with the bleed. The neonatologists should be ordering weekly ultrasounds to monitor the bleed. An MRI might occur depending on how the bleed progresses. Ask a lot of questions, pray and be positive. Things will work out, just nurture your baby :)
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