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How to make my baby sleep a full nigh

hey everybody,
My 8 moths daughter still waks up 2-3 times a night. I'm still nursing so when I go to here bed immediately she wants to eat.
How do I help her give up the night snacks without letting her cry dramatically and how do I teach her to fall asleep independently, not only with brestfeading.
Thanx in advance :\">

Re: How to make my baby sleep a full nigh

  • Hey. I went to sleep group a month ago because we were in the same boat but waking 4-5 times a night. Waking once or twice through 12 months is normal for a breastfed baby and at this age they should be getting about 11-13 hours of sleep. We ended up making bedtime later (8pm) and shushing/comforting her when she wakes the first time. Soothing her back to sleep instead of nursing. The second and subsequent times, nurse back to sleep. This will slowly make the first long stretch about 6-7 hours, which is what babies are capable of at this age. I don't mess with nighttime sleep as far as jot nursing to bed. Maybe start with naps. My husband is able to put baby down for a nap with a bottle, cuddling in bed just like I do when I nurse. Hope this helps!
  • My dd is also 8 months and was waking up frequently. Also bf, a few gf suggested formula before bed. That didn't really help much... However, I tried putting a white noise machine in her room... 12 hour stretches now!
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  • My physican suggested making night feedings very short...
  • We added a white noise machine to ds room! It was like gold!! I also bf and gradually shortened his feeding times during the night! It really seemed to help :) good luck!
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