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Increase fat in diet

My LO had his 9 month check up on Monday. He dropped one line on the percentiles for weight so his pediatrician suggested adding more "good fat" foods to his diet. We are going back in 4 weeks to check his weight.   LO just recently started table foods and doesn't like to be spoon fed purees anymore.  He also has become more active and is army crawling all over the house.  Our ped said its normal for babies to not gain much right now because they become more active and distracted, but we want to monitor him.  Any suggestions for some foods to increase babies fat intake?   He loves to feed himself.  I often give him a few finger foods to play with and sneak in spoonfuls.  But am always looking for ideas.    

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  • Avocados are good fats. What about making some popsicles with food?
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    Popsicle's would be a great idea!  Thanks!  We have done avocados, he loves them, who would have thought!! haha 
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    Avocado, liberte Mediterranea (sorry if I butchered that spelling) yogurt is 10% fat, whole milk can be given with meals instead of water,
  • Cottage cheese. Scrambled eggs. Avocado. Yogurt.
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  • We do cottage cheese and yogurt too. Our doctor says no eggs or whole milk until 1.
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