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When will you feel baby move?

It’s difficult to stay patient when it comes to pregnancy milestones. One of the most anticipated occasion is feeling baby’s first kick! Here is some helpful information on when you’ll likely feel those first flutters.

Have you felt baby kick yet?

Re: When will you feel baby move?

  • I have only felt flutters. I haven't felt any strong kicks yet.
  • I didn't feel my baby until 20 weeks. This is my 2nd pregnancy so I thought I would feel her earlier but nope. I do have an anterior placenta which could be why.
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  • Had flutters but no strong kicks until 21 wks
  • I felt flutters by 9 weeks this time, but it was my second and I knew what it was. The first time I probably didn't feel them until 18-19 weeks. I started feeling kicks consistently this time at about 16 weeks.

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  • I didn't know what I was feeling was her definitively until the 19th week and then at the 20th week ultrasound when I'd feel the movement and see her move on screen!
    Before that, around 14 weeks, it felt like gas ripples. Those ripples got stronger with each week.
  • Finally! I'm 21 weeks and 3 days and have felt baby the last two days. I was starting to get worried b/c I swear I felt the baby a number of times between 15 & 17 weeks ... Then nothing. And this is my third! I guess every pregnancy is different :)
  • I started feeling my baby move at around 6 or 7 months. I am due in a couple of days and she moves like crazy. I love to record it.
  • I finally felt mine move this week and I am at 25 weeks
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    Finally felt baby boy at 22 weeks. Still haven't felt him regularly, but I have an anterior placenta and the doc warned me it might be awhile until I started to feel him.
  • With my first it was 24 weeks before I felt anything. My second it was around 10 weeks. It's easy to mistake gas for flutters, I suspected it earlier but I was certain around 10.
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  • I'm 21w6d and I've been feeling movement for a little over a week. Nothing major, but definitely something. My office told me not to expect anything till 20w and nothing consistent till 26-28 weeks.
  • I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel anything until closer to 25-26 weeks.  Just wanted to put this out there for any mamas in that situation who may be getting nervous.
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  • I think they typically say around 25 weeks especially if your placenta is in front. I was totally obsessed with this during my first pregnancy and convinced that something was wrong. I would literally sit still watching TV every evening with my hands on my stomach just waiting and anticipating and stressing out. Turns out my placenta was in the front and I felt baby around 27 weeks with a good hard kick . Absolutely nothing beats a crazy movement that you get close to your due date though! I still remember videotaping my stomach every day and seeing the baby turn over and move from side to side, it was incredible. I can't wait for that again :-)
  • I was told my placenta was in the back so I would feel the full force of the kicks. I felt him around 17 weeks. He had hiccups often too. Felt those almost every morning during my third trimester.
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    I felt my daughter around 14 weeks, this little guy waited until 19 weeks to move up enough for me to feel little kicks. 
  • I first felt flutters at 8 weeks 3 days, and continue to feel them daily. This is my third baby. 
  • I felt flutters at 15 weeks here and there but wasn't really sure until about wk 20 when they started a routine.  
  • I am now 13 weeks could swear I feel her moving my third child
  • Plus Size momma to be, 39 years old and 1st babe and we felt him move at 17 weeks on the dot.
  • I have not felt my babies move yet. I am almost 15 weeks pregnant when twins. But I do feel the weight of them if that makes any sense. I feel a heaviness in the center below my belly button. I know that there is a presence but can't "feel" thenm yet 😟.  I knows it's coming though..woohoo!!!
  • SAME! I started flutters with my first at 12 weeks and 9 weeks with this one!
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