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losing weight after baby

How long until after your baby was born that the doctor gave the okay that you could lift weights or even do more cardio or any exercise that really makes you sweat. And any tips that you guys have to share about what you ate or did for exercise for post baby? I have 9 weeks left till he's born and looking for tips that I could use to lose the baby weight and extra after he's here.

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    I gained 53 pounds with my pregnancy. This was my first one. 8 days after I delivered I was already down 25 pounds. My daughter will be 4 weeks on Monday and I have lost all but 15 pounds with just walking and eating somewhat healthy. I go to the doctor June 1 to get cleared to workout again!! But I am breastfeeding so I think that has a lot to do with me losing the weight so quickly!!
  • I gained 70 while pregnant and was so swollen. I lost 50 of it in the first two weeks. Now 8 weeks later I am at my pre pregnancy weight. I bf expressed milk as my son won't nurse. I think the amount I pump really helps. That and it's hard to have time to eat. By the time I feel him pump and we play for a bit I really only have time to do laundry while he sleeps and eating is the last thing on my mind. So, having healthy snacks already prepared is really helpful! My favorite is grapes and cheese I cut up the cheese and clean the grapes and put them in portioned containers so when I grab my stuff to pump I can grab that also. That's my tip. Take an hour on Sunday and make yourself food for the week:
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  • I gained 18 lbs during pregnancy. When I went for my first postnatal review 15 days after delivery, I lost 13 lbs. You will gradually lose your weight during exclusive breastfeeds. I had a C-sec. My doctors taught me some exercises for my legs, hips and ankles. They also asked me not to lift weights for six months.

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