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hi I'm sorta new to this I'm 38 weeks pregnant and due to have my c-section next Friday. I have 2 children from a previous relationship and now married to my husband we are having a little girl! His family didn't care much when I got pregnant didn't say congrats or anything then threw me a baby shower and stopped caring. My 2 children from before get no attention at all from his family they've missed birthdays and everything! I don't want my children who are only 6 and 4 to wonder why their "grandma & grandpa" don't care about them but do about their sister! And my husband won't say anything! Is that petty or do I have a right to be upset? I just would prefer not having them around until all children are excepted I mean it's been 3 years almost you would think that's enough time?

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  • saric83saric83 member
    Given what you mentioned about their reaction to your pregnancy, it doesn't sound like they're not accepting of your kids, just maybe not into being active grandparents or whatever.

    I guess I wouldn't say anything until/if there's a very specific situation to address (i.e. they get Christmas gifts for the baby but not the other two or something like that.)

    I think it would be very extreme (and detrimental to your relationship with his whole family) if you said they couldn't be around new kiddo. Wait to see how it plays out before trying to issue ultimatums.
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