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Brand New Diapers Possibly Ruined

I haven't posted on this board yet but this is an emergency, the intro will have to wait.

I'm a FTM and just got a whole stash of bumGenius 4.0 diapers for our 3 week old son. We've been going through about 10 a day and my husband usually throws them in the wash the following morning so I can have them hanging to dry by afternoon. Well this morning he failed to check that the washer was empty and proceeded to wash half my stash with his car washing stuff - including rags covered in nasty black ALUMINUM POLISH. The liners of all the diaper covers are BLACK with the stuff and some of the lighter covers are stained on the outside as well. The microfiber liners seem to just be stained along the edges where they are stitched together. Is there ANY way I can save them? I'm not about to put diapers stained with aluminum on my baby's skin. PLEASE help!

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Re: Brand New Diapers Possibly Ruined

  • Yeah, that's too bad, sounds like a total loss. I don't know for sure because I'm still pregnant and can't see them, but - doesn't sound good. When you wash the rags, does the polish come off, or just sort of stain it? Did it get washed on hot? Did you machine dry?

    What I really wanted to say was, why do people put things in the washer if they aren't going to run it? This is coincidentally the second post today I've read about this happening (obviously with bad results). Sounds like asking for trouble.
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  • Total loss unfortunately. Diapering babe with those could cause a whole host of issues, one being metal poisoning. Kelly's closet has some 'gently used' diapers and i personally use Alva double gusset color snaps with bamboo inserts-only $8 a piece and cheaper when bought in bulk from their website. Theyre considered 'china cheapies' but ive replaced all my bumgenius, grovia, and charlie banana with alvas.
  • I would head over to or Fluff Love and CD science on FB.. Those ladies will be able to help you with this for sure ! I've never heard of this so I wish I could help, but that group has seen it all lol if anyone can tell you if its a total loss or not, it'd be there!
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    I'm not sure if any method of cleaning those diapers wouldn't also involve even more harsh chemicals that would still make those diapers problematic to use. Or, cause damage to the waterproofing layer.

    If you decide to go to Fluff Love, I would proceed with a healthy dose of skepticism. Some of their stuff is sound, but in other cases really just not possible to do the kind of "research" and "training" that they claim to have done. And they have a tendency to push harsh cleaning methods that can do even more damage to your diapers. Which just wastes more of your time and money and causes lots of frustration.

    We have a lady in TCF who has experience removing paint from fabrics, but that's more in the context of upholstery and the occasional freak accident on clothes.

    You are probably better off replacing the diapers. I saw an announcement that Superstash is closing its doors -- the owner wants to spend more time focusing on her LO -- so there may be some good deals there. I think she carries Alvas and Kawaiis.
  • Also there is a weekly B/S/T thread in the new place where the regs have gone. Could be a good place to diversify and re-stock.
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