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Possible for LO to be hungry nonstop at night?

Hi all,

My LO is about 5 weeks old and EBF. We usually nurse every 2-3 hours.

The last night or two he seems to eat and then cry when done. Or sometimes he will nurse, fall asleep and then cry when he wakes up. He also spits up after almost every meal usually just a little. We check diapers and try to console otherwise but I have ended up offering him to nurse usually and it's been about every hour during these times. Is this okay? I don't want to overfeed - could he really be hungry?

Re: Possible for LO to be hungry nonstop at night?

  • Research cluster feeding. This is very common. My DD is 6 weeks and wants to nurse almost every hour from about 5-10pm.
  • Thanks! I know about cluster feelings but was concerned bc of spit up and him never doing it before but that makes sense!
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  • He might be nursing for comfort more so than hunger, which in my nursing philosophy was just as valid. As long as he's not distressed when he is spitting up, I would just go ahead and keep on nursing him on demand.
  • My week-old is the same. I've been supplementing because I run out by 2am and need a rest to produce enough for the morning. He gulped down 3 oz of donor milk last night at 3am, then woke at 7 for a more "normal" feed and now is snoozing again.

    ...I'll be following the thread for tips with interest... :-)
  • @marijaa333, technically your breasts never 'run out' breastmilk is a supply and demand process. Are you still pumping at that 3am supplement feed? I ask simply for the fact that you are going to decrease your supply if you don't. You are better off nursing, even if you think baby isn't getting much (he/she probably is
  • It cut off the rest of my response....

    ...and then supplementing after if baby is still super fussy. The nursing sessions between 11pm-4am are the most important ones because that is the time of day the breastfeeding hormone (prolactin) is resetting itself and preparing your breasts to produce for the next day. Best of luck!

    @Kissel348, did you make it through cluster feeding/wonder week ok?
  • Yes thank you for the advice - so helpful!
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