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Prius: yay or nay?

Are they really as EF as they proclaim? I know a couple of you have them, so I'm curious - WDYT, compared to, say, a Jetta TDI (which is what I have).

Re: Prius: yay or nay?

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    I don't have one, but I have heard that it depends on how you use it.  Some one please correct me if I am wrong.  My understanding is that they are great for city driving or stop and go traffic.  However, when you get on the highway other cars are better.
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    It totally depends on how you use it as to whether it's

    "worth it" for gas mileage.  If you accelerate like you're

    driving a v6, which my d(not darling)h did for the first

    six months, you'll see around 35 mpg. If you go with

    lighter, steadier pressure, you'll see at least 45 year

    round, higher in summer.

    After 19 months, we average 45-50 in winter regardless 

    of highway or city driving.  In spring, summer, and fall,

    we get 55-62 highway, 50-55 city.

     As of 6 months ago, the car was actually worth more

    than we paid for it, which is fun too.  

    If you want, I have a big fat word file I typed up a while

    ago with the ups and downs of it that I can send you,

    just pm me with your email or post it :)

    Mother's Day, 2011
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    my uncle and my cousin both have a prius and they both love theirs. i think they make a game out of getting the best gas mileage.

      We play the gas mileage game too!


    Mother's Day, 2011
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    what about the battery issue?
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    What in particular about the battery are you wondering?
    Mother's Day, 2011
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    Isn't battery disposal supposed to be an eco-friendly nightmare?
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    i love my Jetta TDI. we had a hybrid for a while, but turned it in after less than 3 months b/c our TDI got better gas mileage. (for the reference, i am a granny driver who also likes to play those mileage games)
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    Got one, love it, not just for EF reasons.

    PP has it backward, it's better on the highway that in city traffic. Once it gets up to speed the battery is often all you need to maintain. Aggressive driving, or stop and go, requires more bursts of power and that can tank your MPG.

    I average about 50 mpg in the summer, 44 in the cold. mostly highway. I am not an aggressive driver.

    The battery is a EF issue (but then so are many parts of many cars). It's nickel and has some toxic waste in it--there is no good plan to scrap those suckers at the end of their lives. Nickel mining is dirty business (though the dirtyness of it is often overstated--toyota buys nickel from a UK mine that used to be quite bad but cleaned up decades ago). Also, parts get shipped to Japan from all over the world, assembled, then Priuses ship again, so there is some environmental impact there.

    If EF is your top concern, buy a used car locally, something like a Corolla or other cars mentioned by PP. ANY new car creates a nonEF footprint.

    My prius is a safe, comfortable, affordable, clean car and I adore it. I have no plans to drive anything else. I feel supporting this technology also has long term positive effects, even if right this instant there are some EF issues. it's not perfect but it's progress.

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