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I have spent the past hour either crying or on the verge of tears...i feel like im going to be the worst mother i never have any money i have laybuys to buy baby stuff but at the end of each fortnight i cant even afford a loaf of bread

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  • Have you looked into the state for help to provide for baby?
  • PCU215PCU215 member
    Things may look pretty grim but they will get better. Don't feel bad about putting stuff on lay away, babies are exspensive. At least you are doing what you can to provide. All you can do is your best. Have you looked into social services or maybe a church that can help?
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  • crasoncrason member
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  • I have been going to op shops and australia we get an increased in our pay but that isnt for a few months after the birth
  • Craigslist is a great resource (just follow safety rules, always meet in a public place during the day, bring someone with you if you can). And like PP said, look into government assistance. You got this, mama!
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