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alright ladies, I've been dreading looking for bathing suits out of pure fear lol has anyone found something that doesn't make them look like a whale? I'm so afraid to even try some on lol but the beach is my sanctuary and I think being all covered up will just be way too hot

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  • Lane Bryant usually has flattering suits for us plus size gals. Although, I don't think they sell maternity bathing suits if that's what you're looking for. I've never personally bought suits from there because I'm hardly ever in a bathing suit so I can't talk myself into spending that kind of money on one but I do have friends that have purchased suits from there and they seem to like them.
  • I was looking at Macy's the other day and they seems to have a really nice selection of regular plus-sized swimsuits. I've looked at several websites and the selection of plus-sized maternity suits is really abysmal; it makes shopping so frustrating. 
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  • I also would like to know! Most suits don't fit my boobs so I'm afraid I'll have the same problem with maternity suits!
  • I found a cute one at Torrid. If there is not a location near you check out their website. They do different sizing so make sure you read up on that. Good quality and they email coupons all the time.
  • WDDCHWDDCH member
    Torrid has some cute ones but go try suits on. Many plus sized suits (one pieces anyway) have tight bellies for slimming purposes.
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  • @WDDCH good point! My goal this summer is to stay cool not look slim lol
  • First off I have to say I hate the thought of wearing a bathing suit altogether BUT since we frequent our local water park every summer I forced myself to buy one. I found one at motherhood maternity that fits my boobs and its a Jessica Simpson one. I still hate how I look in suits in general but at least it fits. I'm sure I'll end up wearing some type of covering anyway.
  • I haven't looked for a maternity suit yet ( or tried on my old swim suit) but I got mine from Lane Bryant they have cute one and two piece suits, I get a one piece because A I don't like my belly and B it's near impossible for me to find a bikini top that will fit 40 H breasts :( but I like to fit and it has a tummy shaper thing inside so makes me look good :) Macy's also has some cute ones, not a huge selection for plus size in my area but still cute. Also when I lived in San Diego Forever 21 had a plus size section that had some cute ones too. Not sure about the quality because it's forever 21 but the designs were cute.
  • I haven't shopped for a new suit yet, but @AmandaNacora mentioned forever 21. I bought a high waisted bikini from them last year for a cruise and its held up well.
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    I have suit from Victoria's Secret but my bump is too big and I can't breathe in them, so I feel that will be the same way with a non-maternity suit
  • I bought my 2pc from Wal-Mart. Its a tank style and shorts. If anything I'll wear a t-shirt over my top!
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    Not sure about about maturnity swim suits. There is a web site called bigger that sells awesome swim suits for plus sized and large chested women. They aren't cheep but are well made and sized by cup size. I'm 5'2 and an F cup prior to pregnancy. I haven't found a swim suit anyware in a store that I wasn't pouring out of. Lane Bryant or Catherine's may be options as well as I have bought bras there for before.
  • Target has maternity suits in store so you can try them on! I actually ended up getting a pair of men's swim trunks and a loose-fitting tankini top. I can hardly see anything below my belly so I didn't want the stress of worrying about how well I shaved for a traditional suit ;). The men's trunks are loose, comfy, but not so much material that I feel hot when I wear them. Plus they have a drawstring waist so I can adjust through the summer.
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