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1st Trimester

Need more opinions while I wait to go to the doctor

I took 3 pregnancy tests between April 25-27 and they were positive. I've read that you're usually already around 5w when you're able to get the positive. But at my ultrasound the gestational age was about 5w. By my estimate, I should have 7w4d.
If it matters, I had just gotten off of birth control so my hormones had been out of whack.
Is it even possible for my dates to be off if I got a positive that long ago? Or should I expect to accept that I could be having a mmc?

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  • Thank you! I hope that's what it is, but she said that in the sac, there was liquid that didn't look like amniotic fluid. She said the sac was supposed to be solid black on the scan, but I had gray in mine too. That's what makes her think it could possibly be a miscarriage. I do go back in two weeks; it's just hard waiting it out! I've never personally heard of this happening!
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