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Sippy cup fit

Anyone else's little one throw a complete fit when you put their milk in a sippy cup? Mine does. He's almost 11 months. He won't hold his own bottle either. He will just sit there and scream/throw fit in until the bottle (sitting right in front of him) gets placed in his mouth for him. Some times he will drink more ofut of the sippy cup if it is water or very dilute juice (tried to woo him to the sippy with something yummy in it) but milk seems a no-go. Stinking smarty pants. Strange because he is very independent with everything else. Any advice for dealing with this and trying wean off of bottles? Do we just one day go cold turkey and get rid of all the bottles and he will drink if he's thirsty? Scratching my head....
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Re: Sippy cup fit

  • My son think the supply cup is a toy and plays with it. He's drinking out of the bottle by himself but has no interest in the cup. I wish I had advice or you but just know you're not alone.
  • I wouldn't push it. Keep trying but don't worry about getting off the bottle right now.
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