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Baby hates to be swaddled

My little guy is just about 11 weeks and hates to be swaddled. He just started protesting the swaddle at night and will kick his legs up while he is sleeping, usually waking himself up a few times during the night. The problem is that if we don't swaddle him his arms usually knock himself in the face waking him up. He was doing great and sleeping long stretches through the night until recently. Does anyone have experience/ suggestions on what to do? We would like to keep swaddling him if we can because he is still in our bedroom and hasn't moved into his crib yet and we are planning on not moving him until he is at least 4 1/2 mths.  


Re: Baby hates to be swaddled

  • Have you tried different swaddles to see if something else works better? We tried the Merlin sleep suit when DD got sick of the swaddle, but with the weather getting warmer, not sure that's a good option for you.

    When we transitioned DD out of the swaddle we did one arm out, then eventually wrapped it around her waist and had both arms out. Took a few bad nights where her crazy arms woke her up but eventually she started sleeping just fine.


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    My DD did the same thing around a month. So I stopped swaddling her. Now shes 2 and half months and I started again. Shell protest a lil, but after I swaddle her and hold her for a few minutes. She relaxes. I also dont wrap her feet, just her arms down to her sides. 
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  • I leave DD's legs loosely wrapped, tighter around the arms. She hates being completely constrained!
  • Pods. They zip up & DS liked that inside of a swaddle me. Often, folks don't swaddle tight enough.

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  • Our LO hates being swaddled and likes her hands up by her face but would startle and wake up or hit herself so we found a product called Love to Swaddle Up at buy buy baby that zips up around her but has room for her to move around inside but not enough room that she is able to startle... It has worked wonders for us!
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