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Methodist Hospital???

Hi Ladies,

Anyone give birth in Methodist? Can you please let me know your experiences? I've been recommended to go to Methodist but also Maimonides hospital....any advise ladies? I was thinking of picking a hospital in Manhattan but scared I won't make it in time. I'm highrisk for pre-term labor. if you have any NICU experience I would love to hear them too.

Thank you,

Re: Methodist Hospital???

  • I'm not terribly helpful as I am going into Manhattan though I will be in BK at the time of the baby's arrival.

    Two of my work colleagues had a really great doctor out of Methodist and they both gave birth earlier this year. They loved their experience.

    My niece and sister in law also selected Methodist hospital for two of their pregnancies. All of the women I am mentioning had several options. I share this as it may be a good hospital for delivery.
  • My best friend is an RN and chose Methodist, I can't remember her exact reasoning but she was adamant about not going to Maimonides. She had a great experience and is definitely going to birth there again
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  • Thank you ladies... I just hear back from one of my friend and she recommended the pediatrician Dr Dygulska ...she is the director of the nursey at Methodist.
  • This is great and just what I was looking for. Thanks ladies! I'm preg with my first and my OBs only deliver at NYM. I have experience with NYM through work and other family members but just wanted some reassurance. Happy and healthy 9 months ladies!
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