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Mother's Day

hi mamas!
How are you celebrating Mother's Day this weekend?

Re: Mother's Day

  • ekneippekneipp
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    Missed this one! We had my parents over for a relaxing lunch/afternoon. Nothing too fancy :) hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
  • My MIL freaked out because DH wanted to spend the day with me, which I wanted to spend with my Nana because my mom use to do Mother day for her. MIL flipped shit and got all upset because she was not loved. So DH had to leave me and spend 2 hours to talk to her. This is after he spent the whole day saturday with her, his dad and LO without me and DH never called or talked to me or texted me once all day. DH was in the dog house because h took DD someplace where i wanted to go with her I was not with them and I was sooo upset. I would not talk to him for an hour after he got home. This always happens when she does not get her way. I mean I just lost my mom and it as my first mother day. I want do do nothing but spend it with my Nana and DD and my Dad. 


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