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Do your food tastes go back to normal after pregnancy (aversions and cravings and weird tastes)?

So question, do your food aversions go back to normal after pregnancy? For me I just don't like red meat as much as I used to, in fact it still makes me lose my appetite. The bonus is more veggies for me! I Just wonder if I'll ever like the foods I used to. The extra veggies I wouldn't mind keeping though!

Also, weird plastic or crayon taste in my mouth...I've added back extra water and sucking on hard candy. Please tell me it goes away!

Re: Do your food tastes go back to normal after pregnancy (aversions and cravings and weird tastes)?

  • I really hope so... My body has gotten so confusing, I haven't been able to stomach dairy at all but I crave it all the time!!! I finally caved and had some cheese on a borrito bowl and needless to say I'm laying on the bathroom floor... And I miss ice cream :-$
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  • It will go away. With my son, I had some food aversion and after I had him my appetite/taste buds went back to normal.
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  • Most of mine went back to normal. The only exception was I can not stomach chicken on the bone.
  • I'm sure it should go away, the only thing I cannot eat 'til this day is egg, and my daughter will be 5 this August. So far nothing big with these babies, just can's get the nasty taste out my mouth. Gum is my best friend.
  • Agreed. Your tastes should return back to normal, at least eventually. It might take a few months after birth though.
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  • All of my aversions/cravings went away. I do notice that my boys love the food I craved when I was pregnant with each of them :))
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    I stopped taking my vitamins and my food tastes went back to normal (That being said - I still take individual ones like Iron, Calcium, D & Fish Oil).  I was eating horribly though, and now I'm back to eating almonds, salads and smoothies again.  So happy.  
  • For me, the only aversion that stayed was ground turkey. I also can't handle spicy food like I once could. Otherwise, even being pregnant again I don't have nearly as many aversions as I had with my first.
  • My tastes have always gone back to normal.  The only exception is I'll still have a few aversions to some of the things that made me sicker during pregnancy.  Like, this is a really gross example, but last weekend I was throwing up a whole bunch of scrambled eggs (although that was actually from a horrible migraine, not just the pregnancy nausea) and I probably won't be able to eat scrambled eggs for a long time now.
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    I know this sounds weird, but I really want hibachi style food, but the thought of actually eating it turns me off. I was just hoping after pregnancy, the idea of it will seem normal again!

    I can't wait to see if she likes the food I craved... So far miso soup and stuffed peppers!
  • Oooh I'm all for avoiding pregnancy horror stories BUT this one is too good to pass up. One of my sister's best friends growing up had a crazy intense sweet tooth and loooved chocolate. Then she got pregnant and sugary things completely repulsed her. After the baby was born the aversion got less intense but to this day (and her kid is nine now) she still had no palette for chocolate. How sad is that?!
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    My only one that stayed was chickpeas but everything else went back to normal.
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