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Help! Breastfeeding issue

I have a 2 week old and am exclusively breastfeeding. When she was first born she latched on great but after a few days she began pushing away and screaming before we even got started. I feel like we have tried everything...noticing early feeding cues and trying to initiate feeding early but she won't latch and then ends up mad; having her suck on my finger first. I don't believe I have a slow or fast letdown. We've mostly noticed it happening when I have to wake her to feed. We feed every 2-3 hours during the day and do 2 four hour stretches at night. I have to wake her for about half the feedings then she usually cluster feeds in the evening and had no problem latching. I have googled every possible cause and solution and can't find anything. We've also had a lactation consultant. I'm desperate and don't know what else to do or if it needs to resolve on its own.

Re: Help! Breastfeeding issue

  • Have you tried nipple stimulation to get your let down before having her latch? That way she is getting the milk right away?
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  • Could she maybe have an ear infection? Only asking since she didn't have problems latching at first.

    Will she take a pumped bottle?
  • Now that baby is past the two week mark, are you sure you can't just do "on demand" feedings as opposed to waking baby to feed? If baby has regained her birth weight and is otherwise gaining steadily (with good urine and stool output) and your milk supply is established, what is the need to wake her for feedings? Maybe letting her set the feeding schedule would help? Good luck!!
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