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tandem breastfeeding

FTM here. For those of you that tandem breastfeed your twins, have you ever done it in public?

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  • BuckyCBuckyC member
    Hi there. My twins are 7 weeks old. I occasionally tandem feed at home but would not attempt to do it in public. It's too difficult for me. I'm hoping it will get easier as they get older, but right now it's quite a big deal to get set up to do it at home. Good luck!
  • 3JTMom3JTMom member
    Congratulations on your twins! It might be difficult in public. Maybe in the car, if you have a car that would be comfortable?
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  • Mine are 13 months and I rarely tandem fed them in public. I will do one at a time in places like the mall. I do tandem feed at family members houses and such though. I just like to have a few pillows for positioning when I tandem.
  • Great question and thank ou for the input ladies. We are tandem feeding our two week old twins and I can't see it happening in public so I was glad to read that from others aswell. I am not sure how it will work next week when DH goes back to work and I have no one to pass them to me and help burp lol. We will figure it out
  • Thanks everyone! Yes my breastfeeding pillow is huge & I would basically be topless if I fed in public so don't think I'd be comfortable. Just wanted to see if it could be done. @MamaC1983 You can do it alone! My twins have been home for 6 weeks now. Hubby stayed home for the first 2weeks. Day 2 of him gone was the hardest. To burp I leave one on the pillow feeding & put the other over my shoulder to burp then switch.
  • BuckyCBuckyC member
    @MamaC1983 You can do it alone. I learned by watching a video on YouTube. It helped to actually see someone doing it on her own.
  • @MamaC1983 also def get the breastfriend twin pillow to feed them!
  • Thank you for the encouragement and tips. I've done a few feedings by myself and it has worked out. I do have a twin pillow. Life saver.
  • EmJ628EmJ628 member
    Not trying to hijack but I am reading a book right now and it says overstimulation (like nursing twins I would guess) can make milk production hard in women over 35. I am a FTM with twins and will be 35 when I deliver. Also says the optimal positions for latching are not like what you would have to do with tandem. Anyone have some wisdom to share? I was really motivated to BF but this book is making me doubtful
  • I haven't read many books but I'm breastfeeding 3 week old twins and supply is good. I have enough milk. It comes pretty darn quick and the girls have to work to keep up. Only one twin can handle my right breast. The other one projectile spits-up because it's too much too fast (we've had her checked out and she's totally fine). I mostly tandem feed in football hold. I prefer the latch as a cross-cradle hold but this is how I am able to sleep more than 45 min intervals! I took a while to establish supply and I used fenugreek and blessed thistle for it and placenta encapsulation. But now that I'm estaished I'm off the herbs. I'm 31

    Not sure if that helps at all...
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