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Anyone familiar with this clinic and have a pediatrician recommendation? What is your experience? TIA!

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  • schmoodschmood member
    I don't use this clinic, but when I worked at Children's Hospital in St. Paul, we got a ton of referrals from them (as they were just across the parking lot.)  What I have heard that people like about this practice is that if you call with a question, you will get to speak directly with a doctor vs a nurse.  Most of their physicians are older and have been around for quite awhile (some people like that and some don't.)  They have a variety of locations and I believe they have some Saturday clinic time. 
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  • PYAM is fantastic. We have a younger doc - we chose her specifically and our 2 yr old has been seeing her since she was 4 months old. Dr. Garr gave us a bad experience, but everyone else we've seen is great. The docs all carry cell phones and answer when they're working. They give you a binder with info at your first appt. too.
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