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Trouble TTC a Sibling

Male Fertility Issues...

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Hello Ladies!!!!
   I decided to open this discussion because although I've read some personal stories about the struggle with MFI, I feel like it hasn't really been discussed that much on here. My husband and I have been struggling with this issue for 3 years. We've had two failed IUI and just don't know what to do anymore. A lot of people have advised us to go the IVF route but right now that just isn't an option for us. What has been your experience? What treatments have u decided on? Supplements? Accupuncture?  Amount of abstinence days to improve count and motility? Timing on fertility drugs, trigger shots, procedures? Any success? Please share ur experiences. I know it would be easier to read them on one post instead of searching through them all.

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Me: 35  DH: 33
TTC #1: Since July 2012
DH: MFI (low count, motility, morphology)
Started with RE 10/14
IUI #1 - 3/9/15 - Got AF 2 days before BETA
IUI #2- 4/8/15- Got AF day of supposed BETA
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Re: Male Fertility Issues...

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    I'm sorry.  I have 2 friends who have had poor SA's and both ended with IVF.
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  • I see in your sig that you are seeing an RE, but is your husband also seeing a urologist? We had MFI, 5 failed IUI's, and were headed toward IVF when we decided DH should visit a urologist. He was put on Clomid, which more than tripled his sperm count. We got pregnant without the RE - 3 times (second was an early miscarriage, but we have 2 healthy kids now). We also tried vitamins for both of us, but I'm certain that the Clomid is what really worked. It took about 3 months after he took it daily for me to get pregnant. Good luck, I know it's hard to deal with!
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  • DH and I struggled for 4 years with MFI. Low count, motility etc... We had 3 unsuccessful IUI's, 1 failed IVF and eventually got pregnant with our 4th IUI. What we did differently was freeze 2 batches of sperm, went 2 days in a row for IUI and used 1 fresh and 1 frozen sample per day. There is comfort in numbers! Now we have a gorgeous little girl (thank goodness) and looking  to expand our family. Trying to go drug-free route for a few months before trying this method again. There is hope out there! Good luck!
    **TTC since April 2010**
    DH diagnosed with moderate MFI, low everything, me low AMH
    3 IUI's and 1 IVF all BFN's, almost gave up hope
    June 2013- One last IUI for the heck of it... BFP! Complete shock!
    April 2014- Eliana- In Hebrew means The Lord has Answered! Welcome to the world my miracle baby!

    September 2016- Surprise BFP without medical assistance! New Baby due June 2017!
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