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Harmony test cost

After the billing department at my doctor's office looked over my insurance and told me the Harmony test would be $120, I decided to do it. Then I received a statement from my insurance saying the claim was denied and I owe over $19,000! This cannot be correct. Has anyone else received any outrageous bill like this for any of these genetic tests?

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  • My Dr told me it would cost me out of pocket under $100.00 so I went ahead and did it. My bill is almost $1700. They said they would be happy to set up a payment plan. Insurance did cover a big part but still...
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    Did you guys call Ariosa, the company that offers the Harmony test?  They have a financial assistance program and if you make less than 72,000 or something as a household of 3 (that includes unborn baby) then it should be under $195.  Call them!  :)  

    Edited to add:  here is a link to their financial info page:  http://www.ariosadx.com/access-programs/.  Their financial assistance stands regardless of your insurance status, as far as I can tell!

    Also, don't freak out until you get a bill from Ariosa!  It may seem like a lot now but the bill may be less after they work with your insurance!
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    Anorthro, thanks so much!
  • I had the panorama and was mortified when I saw the insurance claim for $9,000! After what they paid I still owed them over $4000! Wtf? So i called the billing dept at the company that administers the test and they said if I paid $200 they would write off the rest. Omg I almost had a heart attack.
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