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11w6d ultrasound - POSITIVE post :)

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Hi ladies!  I am 11w7d as of today, and I suppose I'm actually 12 weeks now, eh??  This is my first “real” pregnancy (had an early D&C in 2006) so forgive me, I am new to all of this.  Last week my regular OB/GYN referred me to another office for fetal genetic testing and a possible amnio.  I had the initial consultation appointment yesterday, and wanted to share my experience.

I have been terrified of needing/getting an amnio, and I had actually completely decided against it due to the miscarriage risk (plus I do not like needles), so I was a little hesitant going into this appointment, not sure what to expect.  They took my vitals and weighed me, then went straight into a 2D ultrasound, and eventually switched to 3D/4D toward the end.  They performed an NT scan (Nuchal translucency screening) and the measurement was in the normal range.  What a relief! 

Even though I had just seen the baby with a 171BPM heart rate during a transvaginal dating ultrasound when I was 10w5d, I was very glad to see the baby’s heart flicker again.  This time the baby was sleeping and allowed the tech to take the crown-to-rump length easily (5.3cm - up from 3.6cm) and the heartbeat was 162BPM.  The tech kept trying to get a good angle on baby’s face, but the little sucker rolled over and faced the opposite direction!  And when baby did turn back around, its arms were crossed over its face!  Haha, it was too cute.  Camera shy.

After the ultrasound, the doctor came in and talked to me.  She wasn’t even sure why anyone had suggested an amnio to me, because I am under 35 (I’m 31, will be 32 at delivery) with no history to suggest these issues.  She said everything looked good but she wants to see me back in 6 weeks, just to confirm the baby is still growing at a normal rate.  This is because of some medication I take for some psychiatric issues which are category C.  I already consulted with my psychiatrist once I found out I was pregnant, he switched one of my meds to a safer alternative, and said he believes the benefits of these medications for me very much out weight the risks of birth defects.  And I believe him, I have known my psychiatrist for many years and I trust him.

Anyway, the doctor went on to say I was within the correct time range to perform a screening for Downs, etc, just with a finger-prick and five drops of my blood, so I went along with that.  I am just relieved there isn’t any reason for me to have an amnio.  My results from the screening should be back by the end of the week, hopefully.

Just thought I’d share a happy story on these boards. :)  Congrats to all in the November 2015 Birth Month Club!  My due date is Nov. 18th.  Anyone else have the same due date?


Re: 11w6d ultrasound - POSITIVE post :)

  • I'm so happy for you that everything looks good! I'm due on Nov. 19th and have my appointment this afternoon for NT scan and fetal genetic testing....I'm nervous!
  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and congratulations on seeing a healthy little baby in there! I'm due on November 21, but have to have a C-section so the Dr. said that will be scheduled for a couple weeks before that.

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    Thank you and best of luck at your appt this afternoon!!  I hope everything goes smoothly. That sounds like the exact same appt I had yesterday... NT scan and fetal genetic testing. I haven't been able to find anyone else with November 18 as a due date just yet, so you may be my closest labor buddy! ;)  And don't be nervous, you and baby will do great.
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    Thank you and congrats to you as well!  To be perfectly honest, I want a scheduled C-section as well.  My mother had to have a C-section with me (she never dilated enough), and I am built the same as her, so I suspect I will need one, too.  Plus I have fibroids on the outside of my uterus so there could be complications from that.  The only thing is... insurance isn't going to cover an elective C-section, so I have to at least try the "normal" way and hope I get an emergency C-section. I don't know though...  I have yet to enough bring up the C-section thing with my doc.  This pregnancy was a completely unexpected surprise for me and I am still in the mindset of "I just want to make sure everything is ok" before I run off and start shopping for baby and planning ahead, ya know?  I do understand November will be here before I know it, so I need to change mindsets soon. :)  Sorry for the rambling reply, again I wish you the best in your pregnancy and C-section!
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    That's wonderful I'm glad everything is ok. Your baby has a strong heart beat. I had my NT yesterday and the fluid measured 0.8mm, so that was good. The tech said we having a girl YAY. We Going on a cruise next week so I will have to wait for my blood test results. I Love to hear positive stories good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
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  • Congrats. :)  My due date is the 18th as well.  It was the 19th but for some reason my doctor decided to change it by one day at my last appointment.  I think he's just messing with me. ;)

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  • Ok...so I had my NT scan and now I'm more nervouse than before! The dr. said that the back of the baby's neck is measuring thicker than normal (didn't give me a measurement). He said that it could mean 1. Nothing, 2. A heart defect or 3. A chromosome defect (such as Down's syndrome ) and usually that goes hand in hand with a heart defect. I am going now for MaterniT21 testing to get some clearer answers. The results come back in 7-10 days and then we will know for sure. I'm praying that everything comes back negative for chromosomal abnormalities...the waiting is going to be hard....
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