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rib pain

has anyone had any rib pain? To the point where bras hurt and laying on your side is impossible? I read online that it can happen because our bottom most ribs bow outward in order to make room for baby, but that shouldn't be happening at almost 11 weeks..right?
I feel bad calling the OB again. I'm a first time mom and am sure they are getting pretty sick of me.

Re: rib pain

  • I get pains under my right rib an sometimes on the other side too I'm 13 weeks 4 days I've been told it's round ligament pains I'm already showing too this is my 2nd pregnancy 1st baby tho it could also be a uti
  • I had horrible rib pain later in the pregnancy with my 1st. It's already started happening with this one too on select days. I have a rather short torso and my organs are already bunched up there.
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  • If it's on the right side and accompanied by vomiting, loose stool, and worse after you eat then it's likely your gallbladder. Pregnant women are notorious for having gallbladder pains/issues due to the slowing of body functions during pregnancy. This would be my current issue except a bit worse since my labs aren't great.
  • I had the same for my firt - almost felt like my rib was poking an organ in there or something! Good news - I asked at the time and was told it was normal. Bad news - it lasted all pregnancy. KNOCK ON WOOD,I am 19 weeks now and it hasn't been as bad, so maybe there's something to theory of stretching ligaments...since mine are all old and stretched out :)

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    Well that would just be lovely if it lasted the whole pregnancy. Hahaha I find it to be much worse at bed time and first thing in the morning. It's making it difficult to sleep. Good to know that this is normal, I have a short torso too. Don't know where all my organs are going to go once the baby gets bigger. I also had gallbladder issues long before I got pregnant and that has been giving me trouble since the beginning but this is all across the front of my torso an inch or two under my boobs. I have retired all my bras until further notice.
  • I too have a short torso and with stretches (yea yoga and Pilates) The soreness does subside. I'm 11 weeks and can't believe that my organs are already starting to be pushed around.
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