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Pain,pain and oh a little more pain!

this is going to be my second child. My first pregnancy was great easy everything went perfect. This one is hell!!! I spent the first 3 months in and out of the hospital getting iv fluids. I take zofran daily still now that I'm even in my third trimester! I've been having the normal back pain that just hurts at random times of the day and at 27 weeks I had 4 Braxton hicks. Starting a few days ago I got up to use the bathroom and anytime I put pressure on my right leg it sends a shooting pain from my lower hip to my lower back it's very painful! Then it will randomly stop and I can walk normal but then does it again through my whole day ! Last night I went to the bathroom and started having some belly pain and then of course the leg pain to go with it. There is no swelling in my legs! So I don't get it! Anyone else?

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