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Pregnancy Brain: The Struggle is Real

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What kind of pregnancy brain moments have you all had??

This afternoon I had to join a conference call from my cell phone. Instead of typing the conference number into the phone app I typed it into the calculator, and instead of hitting "call" I hit equal. Then I sat there for a second wondering why it wasn't ringing!!

Re: Pregnancy Brain: The Struggle is Real

  • I don't know left from right anymore. Every time I'm trying to tell someone they need to go right I say left. And I always have a hard time finding words in my brain
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  • I can never remember critical words in sentences. My DH looks at me like a toddler still learning words. Also, the ultrasound pictures showing the gender have literally dropped off the face of the earth. Pregnancy brain wins again.
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  • I turned up to my obstetrician appointment a week early. Then went to buy maternity clothes but didn't have my purse.
  • I gave the wrong year of birth when asked for my birthday at my glucose test and when the nurse said "oh that's not what I have here", I was like "oh, YOU're right!" How embarrassing! Then today when picking my daughter up from daycare I entered my cell phone code in the door code.
  • Today, I gathered a load of laundry to start and loaded it directly into the dryer.  It wasn't until I filled the little plastic cup with the Tide and went to put it in that I realized what I had done.  
  • My SO couldn't find the phone charger because it wasn't in its normal place and asked me what I did with it. I swore up and down I hadn't moved it and figured SO moved it and totally forgot about it. Well SO walked over to where I was sitting and said if you didn't move it, why is it plugged in right in front of you?! I was totally shocked and then remembered that yeah, I moved it. Whoops!
  • I was asked for my address for confirmation of something, I paused for an entire Minute and told the young man, "excuse me I need to find my license!" He laughed hysterically at me, I was super embarrassed!
  • Robin910 said:

    My SO couldn't find the phone charger because it wasn't in its normal place and asked me what I did with it. I swore up and down I hadn't moved it and figured SO moved it and totally forgot about it. Well SO walked over to where I was sitting and said if you didn't move it, why is it plugged in right in front of you?! I was totally shocked and then remembered that yeah, I moved it. Whoops!

    This phenomenon is literally why I'm not allowed (self imposed) to do any major organization or tidying up of DHs things. We have had just about a billion instances of "I swear it's there", spoiler alert, it's not and I moved it.
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  • Oh and a really bad one I did, I didn't put the emergency brake on all the way so the car would still roll, totally forgot about it drove about a mile smelling this awful smell couldn't figure it out till I stopped and looked down and it said the brake was on.. I was very upset with myself and wanted to cry
  • These stories are cracking me up!

    Last week, I took my son to the dentist. When I was signing him in, I told the receptionist I was there for such and such for an appointment at 10:30. I had given her the name of a client I was supposed to take to the doctor. And it was 8 am. She looked so confused. It didn't hit me until my son asked me why I was signing someone else in. I felt so stupid, and then couldn't remember my own contact information to verify it in her system. Lol
  • malonc2malonc2 member
    I just put a load of laundry in and walked away without starting it...walking up and down stairs because I keep forgetting things I mean to do... Little things like that all day! Ugh!
  • I was writing a tip and put 5:00 instead of 5.00.. I guess time is just on my mind today!
  • kat+1kat+1 member
    I have burned so many thing this week it's crazy. I forget I have started dinner or that I put the garlic bread in and tonight I forgot about the burgers on the bbq and they burned. Thanks goodness this happend last pregnancy because hubby just cuts the burnt off and tells me it's good. I however spend about 20 mins crying about how bad of a mother and wife and cook I am and how could he ever want to have more children with me when I am almost burning down the house.
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    I keep putting things that belong in the pantry or freezer into the fridge. . And this morning I dropped my kids off at school and then went & got a really yummy breakfast burrito.. I was going to eat it when I got home.. however I left my house key inside the house and the door was locked .. so I had to drive to my husband's work & get his key and he ended up wanting my burrito since he usually doesn't have time to eat at work. . So then I had to drive back home hungry.. thanks pregnancy brain
  • This week has been rich with preggo brain moments for me (to be fair I've also had a sick child who has deprived me of sleep)... On Friday I went to take my daughter to playgroup. Sitting in the car in the driveway - realised I forgot the playgroup key. Get out of the car, go back inside, pick up something, get back in car. Still no playgroup key - whatever I picked up wasn't the key. Get out of car, back inside, back in car - still no key. WTF did I just do when I went inside?? No idea. Third time back in the house, I managed to focus on the task at hand and actually get the key. So frustrating!!
  • Oh man just had a major one this morning!  I stopped at the ATM to grab some cash, after putting in my PIN and all the selections a receipt pops out saying I entered the wrong PIN.  All of a sudden I was drawing a complete blank, I couldn't remember my PIN.  One that I've had for probably 2-3 years and use at least 5 times a week.  I tried one more time and got the same message, wrong PIN.  I finally gave up!  It was maybe 3 hours later when it finally came to me, ugh.
  • SaratiffSaratiff member
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    The second time in two weeks went to the store and bought groceries. The first time I remembered to buy mushrooms at the last minute grab them put them in the cart. Hubs and I get home and there are no mushrooms. Not in the house not in the car.

    So then on Friday I went and bought some things main thing I needed I was milk. I got the regular milk and lactaid for hubs and two bottles of lemonaid. The bagger put one milk one lemonaid in each bag. I get home my milk is gone. I give up
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  • I used a peroxide based contact lense solution the rinse a contact right before I popped it onto my eye.

    Hello glasses and one red and puffy eye!
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  • I was heating up my lunch yesterday and instead of hitting 2:30 I put it in for 23mins, let's just say it didn't end well :(

    I did the same thing this morning! I put butter in the microwave to soften it to room temp and typed in 2:00! It only needs like 15 seconds, haha. My husband was watching and makes this weird loud yelp sound (scaring me) and darts over to the microwave to fix it lol.. I felt stupid! And I have the same issue with finding the right words that others have mentioned. I speak like a 4 yr old now.
  • mom2kthmom2kth member
    This morning I went to change into shorts. I walked into my daughter's room,opened her closet and got upset when I couldn't find my shorts. I asked her where she put them and she politely told me to look in my own closet. I felt so stupid. Lol
  • My husband and I were shopping at Ikea the other day. I was making a memo in my cellphone, I was literally typing into it, when I decided I wanted to add a picture. I looked down at the table looking for my phone (the one in my hands that I was using) when I didn't see it I had a mini panic attack thinking I had left it somewhere in the store
  • So far, all I've had is when I'm at work and I'm told to do something, I forget it pretty quickly.
  • kedbachkedbach member
    I can't really pinpoint one single occurrence other than today because I just feel like a big dummy. I seriously walk into rooms and don't know why I'm there. I walked to the front porch with my keys and tried to get in my husband's truck with my keys. My car is in the garage.
  • lynp3lynp3 member
    I've locked my keys in the car, poured orange juice on the kids cereal instead of milk, put lotion on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste and today typed something into the phone instead of the computer at work and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working... I think I'm slowly loosing my mind
  • I kept trying to charge my remote control instead of my phone. That was less than successful.
  • I'm resurrecting this thread in honor of me loading up twins, getting them all the way to Walmart and to the back of the store to pick up our online order of outdoor toys (that we desperately need) only to realize I put them in DH name. Me = idiot.
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  • Omg I'm laughing so hard I about peed my pants! I am having some issues finding and spelling* words which I never have before. I find myself second guessing myself when writing an email.... thank gosh for spell check.

    I've always had a sharp memory but these days it's a little loose!
  • mpmom1518mpmom1518 member
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    Love this thread! My contribution: I made a special trip to the mall a few days ago to return a pair of pants which ended up being too long. Find a parking spot, walk in and browse a couple stores on my way to return the pants, walk into the store to return them and realize I have left them in the trunk of my car. I just gave up and went home. I will try again another day! Oh, and a week ago I drove the car out of gas even though I had seen the gas light come on the night before and promptly forgot
  • cjordoncjordon member
    These are so funny.. I had to call AAA twice in one day becuase I left my kys sitting on my front seat in the same exact spot... i was in a panic both times when I couldn't find them in my purse!
  • My husband and I did grilling the other day and I was asked to get the tongs and scissors. They are no where to be found and I don't know if they will be lol
  • I was making a stuffed meatloaf and went to check on it about 30 minutes after I put it in the oven only to realize I never put it in the oven. I found it in the fridge next to the eggs
  • Yesterday I locked my husband and i out of the apartment along w/ the car keys. My wallet is attached to my key ring and bc I didn't think i needed my wallet, combined with the fact I thought we were driving in my husbands car, I left all of it. The best part is we were going to get an oil change on MY car.

    We had to walk to my moms house to get the spare. Luckily she lives in the neighborhood right next door!
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