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ER ugh

My OB's office has sent me to the ER. I had pelvic pressure yesterday. Today, the pain is shooting around my hips to my lower back. It feels like my pelvis is bruised and I can't walk without it feeling worse. It's hard to describe.
Wish me luck! Glad my husband is able to go with me.

Re: ER ugh

  • Good luck!!! Keep us posted
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  • Thj417Thj417 member
    Hope it's an easy fix...
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  • I'm in labor and delivery. Still no answers... Just testing still.
  • I don't have any infections and I'm not dialated. I've been cleared to go home on pelvic rest. They blamed it on sex. Something in sperm can cause preterm labor. Never knew that!!! But I'm still having pain.
  • Strange I have been feeling this way for some time (painful pelvic pressure, shooting pains down inner thigh and hips, feels bruised) but when I called the OB nurse line they just said try a support belt :/ hope all is ok! 

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