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I feel like a ray of F$%^*ng sunshine today

My hormones have me all over the place, but I seriously am about to crack

5:30 this morning, I get pulled over by a cop. Because my tags are expired. Nobody's fault but my own. I explain to him that I am aware of it, but have been having trouble at the DMV because we are in a new state and am working to fix it. No worries, he lets me of with a warning because I didn't have any traffic violations, I had all my other information up to date. I thanked him very much for understanding and we part ways. I text my husband to let him know what happened. He tells me to call and get an update, find out how much it is to do everything we need to do. It is going to cost us close to $400.00 to change the tags and title over. This is more than double what we were originally told. My husbands response is "I'll ttyl, I give up". Thanks buddy! Thought we were in this together especially since we are a one car family and rely heavily on the one car!

9:30 My really delightful MIL who has now made it a point to either call or text or facebook me daily calls me. She wants to know what name we picked. WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT THIS PROBABLY 250 TIMES!! I reassured her that we picked the name London, again. She swears to me that we have been telling her we decided NOT to go with London. Why would we tell you what we didn't pick????!!!! When I asked why she wanted to know(like I don't already know what she is going to say) she tells me she was calling to try and change my mind, because she likes London better than Evelyn (our second pick). IF I WANT TO NAME MY CHILD DOLLY PARTON, I WILL, AND YOU WILL ACCEPT IT!

12:00 Call from my daughters school saying she had an accident. When I get there, she tells me that she told the librarian she had to go, but she was told she will have to wait. My daughter is in kindergarten. If she tells you she has to go, she has to go, and if you ask her to wait, she thinks she will get in trouble if she were to say "No, I really need to go" she doesn't like to disappoint anyone. I am ready to flip out on the teacher. Don't tell my child to wait. She was crying so hard because she was so embarrassed. She has maybe had 3 accidents since she potty trained. So this, is not a normal thing for her. She broke my heart today.

I woke up happy, now I am a cranky B. I've spent my day crying on and off, and I am done with this day.

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August 26, 2015


Re: I feel like a ray of F$%^*ng sunshine today

  • BTW, the MIL thing. This is the 2nd time she has called me in 3 weeks to talk to me about the same thing!!!! I am thinking about changing my number

    Baby #2 is due

    August 26, 2015

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  • I feel ya today.  I woke up in a hormonal ragey mood and by mid morning I left that behind for a I want to cry at everything mood.  I am 22 wks and this is 1st time I have let my hormones get the better of me.  It is very unsettling.
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  • So sorry! And I totally get you on the DMV thing! I went through the same thing and going to the DMV is probably the worst place ever! I can't imagine going there while pregnant!!
  • Rough day! Sorry! Tomorrow will be better :-)
  • Your poor daughter! I used to work in a public school and the younger kids were always excused to use the restroom. I can imagine the embarrassment. Hopefully she'll be able to move past it.

    Sorry for the rough day! Here's hoping tomorrow is 1000 times better!
  • WDDCHWDDCH member
    My eldest had the same problem. She had the same teacher for preschool and first grade and always had accidents in his class. But for Kindergarten, the grade in-between, she had another teacher and had maybe one accident.

    It broke my heart so much and she's the same way - very respectful and doesn't want to disappoint anyone. So I get your pain with that one!!!

    My MIL is very forgetful so I get that one too! I don't like playing 20 questions either.
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  • bj1987bj1987 member
    I feel you on that I'm in the same mood... Actually packed most of my stuff ready to leave baby daddy today because of a disagreement. Prayers that tomorrow is better than today has been. Hope u feel better soon.
    ~This 100%
    AS for the stupid Librarian, I feel your pain.  My first daughter had an accident in 3rd grade because the idiot teacher wouldn't let her go to the bathroom and she had an UTI.  I had sent a note explaining she had a UTI and that fucking teacher knew she was a good child that didn't ask to go to the bathroom much, she kept straight A's and was never a problem in class.  I was LIVID.  I told her off and guilt-ed the living day lights out of her.  And still I couldn't undo the embarrassment that my 8 year old felt that day.  (obviously still bothers me 11 years later)  
    ~ Anyhoo, my point is, sorry your daughter had to go through this!
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  • kedbachkedbach member
    As a former kindergarten teacher, this breaks my heart! I would always let my kiddos go, as needed! Who are we to determine their needs?! I would be so angry with that librarian!
  • Thank you ladies. I did talk with the principal and librarian. I kept my cool but let's just say, she will not be having that problem anymore. I get that some kids ask to go because they just want to get up, but not in Kindergarten. Also, seeing as my daughter rarely asks to use the bathroom, she obviously isn't a problem. Today was a better day.

    Baby #2 is due

    August 26, 2015

  • I'm sorry you had such a bad day!!!! I hope today is better!
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