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What foods will you ask friends and family to bring you in the early weeks postpartum?

FTM here and I've been lucky that family and coworkers, even acquaintances of my husband and I have been so supportive and generous with baby gifts. I really couldn't ask for more, but I read an article on my FB feed about how the time new mothers really need to feel pampered and supported is in the early weeks PP. During this time you may not have energy to cook or shop, yet need a lot of calories for recovery and breastfeeding. So are there any foods that others could bring you after birth that would make you feel pampered and nourished? For myself I will be thrilled if my husband brings me sushi and lets me order a pizza or two...these are things we don't usually splurge on! If someone offers to bring me food when they come to see the baby, what should I ask for??

Re: What foods will you ask friends and family to bring you in the early weeks postpartum?

  • Chinese!!! Lol
  • We get meals from church for a few days, and it's glorious! In my experience, most people don't usually ask what they can bring, more like what can't they bring (allergies/dislikes?).
    My husband would be thrilled if we had pizza every day! The thought of that heartburn at the moment....oh!
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    If people ask you what you want rather than just decide, I'd just ask for things without beans and broccoli. If you're nursing sometimes the foods that make you gassy can make the baby gassy.
  • Easy things like lasagna, casseroles, or soup. Things you can reheat of baby decides to eat right as dinner is ready haha.
  • Enchiladas!!!!!
  • I want a turkey sub!!!! and sushi!
  • I wish I could do this I'm so picky about where my food, especially meat is sourced from. I may do chipolte since they try to be healthy and ethical
  • I have celiac so I will be asking for no food to be brought. Maybe if they insist I will ask for fresh fruit.
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  • I will take whatever people are kind enough to bring and eat. it. all.
  • My mom is already making me meals that she's keeping in her freezer. Mostly casseroles. When she makes one for herself, she doubles the recipe and freezes mine. After the babies are born, she'll bring me a casserole that we can eat for a few days. She's also planning on making side dishes for me after the babies are born, like pasta salad, veggie salad, etc. It's nice that she's close by.
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    I'll take whatever anyone is kind enough to give.

    Secretly I'm also looking forward to asking my bestie to bring me a Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich though, I haven't had one of those since October! Mmmm..
  • A giant roast beef sub.... I am craving one sooo bad!!
  • My mom makes this casserole called "super supper dip" that we affectionately call dog food because it looks like Alpo...I hope she makes me a giant pan of it. I could eat that every meal for a week. However I will take anything that anyone will give me..I don't anticipate any food though because we live 40 min away from family so it's not a quick drop off!
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  • I wish !! Lol I will take anything if anyone brings me something , highly doubt it though .
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    I want a turkey sub!!!! and sushi!

  • I've been eating Jimmy John's subs all pregnancy. FFFC?

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  • I have GD as well, so I'd be game for anything, however if someone asks I'd be over the moon for any type of baked good or ice cream!

    My first pp meal out will be to Pizza Hut buffet followed by DQ (for a peanut buster parfait).
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  • I'm not sure if anybody will be bringing us anything but we'll take it! I have a borderline GD (but according to the doc borderline means you have it!) and I'm looking forward to sourdough toast, pasta, a sweet treat (even though I'm not a sweets person) and not worrying that I have to worry about my numbers after I get out!
  • One of my best friends is bringing sushi to the hospital during my recovery day. They basically asked "What can't you eat that you want to eat?" And that was my answer!

    Other than that, I'd love for people to grab me a bagel and lox sandwich and a big bubble milk tea! And anything my mom or grandma cooks... the homemade cultural food is so good for the soul.
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  • may ask my mom to make some family recipe chocolate chip cookies. other than that if people could bring me fresh fruit from the local fruit stands i would be so very happy
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