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Natural baby care products

Please share your favorite!!

I don't plan to buy and Johnson and Johnson products whatsoever this go around (we don't use them for DS either). Way too many chemicals for our liking. Looking for more of a natural skin care line. Any ideas? Any STM's have a brand they love?

We used Burts Bees with DS but lately it's been breaking his skin out (very strange) so I need new ideas for both kids.
    DS born 8-16-2013
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Re: Natural baby care products

  • We are going with Honest diapers and products this time around. They smell great!
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  • @brandimc0725 thanks! I will look into the honest brand. I've actually heard great things about them.
        DS born 8-16-2013
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  • I too used to be a Burt's bees fan but now DS's skin is like alligator skin. I am looking into CeraVe's new baby line. I haven't researched it yet though. I love the idea of Honest products but I hate their auto delivery. Now that target is carrying their products, I may give them a try.

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  • I am going to try Honest Company as well for diapers and wipes. Also, there is a local soap company that makes very sensitive soaps for babies so I am going to try those as well. If they don't work, then I am going to do Honest or Babyganics
  • I've heard really good things about Aveeno products.
  • Bambo nature diapers, Jackson Reece herbal wipes, life factory glass bottles with silicone covers, can't remember the name of the lotions! I'm a FTM so I can't say I have experience, but just some ideas.
  • FYI I was at Costco the other weekend and they have packs of Honest Co baby products. I believe it was $11.99 for combo pack of shampoo and body wash. I'm not sure how much it is from Target, but that seems like a good price.
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  • malonc2malonc2 member
    I've heard California baby products are great, but I'm a FTM so I'm looking at this post for answers too!
  • California Baby is what I registered for. As much as I like Aveeno, they're not all natural.
  • Arbonne baby products! I use other arbonne products and love that they are all natural:)
  • We use Honest everything. I don't like California Baby, too expensive and the products don't go very far. The Honest wipes are by far superior to all others I've tried. They are soft AND they aren't perfumed or irritating.
  • I use honest CO diapers and they've been great for both diaper rash/irritation and the smell. We mostly use California baby products - shampoo, lotion, sunscreen etc. But, we live in CO and DS loves to swim, so we needed a thick lotion sometimes, and I love burts bees baby for that. The cali baby sunscreen really is fantastic for 6-18 months, but I found that after that we had to start reapplying more often since he's in and out of the water, and it's so thick that it takes a while to absorb and is just a huge pain. Aveeno baby sunscreen is our newest top choice there.
    Lastly, for bad diaper rash, nothing beats regular adult style aquaphor healing ointment!
  • We love Babyganics!! Even the bug spray and the spray sunscreen work great for all of us! Going to give Honest Co wash a try as well, since I took advantage of the great price at Costco also!
  • WDDCHWDDCH member
    For diaper rashes we use CJ's BUTTer.

    For washing we mostly just use water for several months. I'm trying to think of anything I've used that I like but I'm drawing a blank. I looked on that website that rates sunscreens and body care products and then I compared to what Amazon offered and found several products.

    Some shops on Etsy carry homemade baby skincare goodies that don't have junk in them, too.

    Oh I do love 100% Pure. The vanilla...... It smells so freaking good you want to eat it. It smells just like fresh baked cake! I haven't bought a new set from them in a long time but I think that's for kids, not babies. I can't remember. It's 1am and my brain is tired.
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  • tylerytylery member
    Glad to hear honest company products can be found at target and some at costco, I thought it could only be purchased online. Looks like I'll need to try those too! 
  • Seventh Generation, Honest, Mustela
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