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Does anyone else...

Feel like they are gonna give birth to a kung fu master ;) my little girl seems like shes having a pro boxing tournament in there and I love it! Anyone else feel the same?

Re: Does anyone else...

  • Yes.  I like it too since it is so reassuring to feel she is okay in there.  However, her kicks are starting to cross over from "Oh what a pleasant bubbly sensation" to "hey, go easy on my colon/kidneys/liver in there".


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  • I feel like my boy's movements are decreasing. Maybe it's that I notice them now so I expect it all the time or that I've been active but more times than not this week I've wondered where the movement is. I get a little here and there throughout the day but not consistently or hard yet (I'm 23w2d)
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  • Oh yeah...I have the next karate kid in there!
  • Yes! Lol I've told my husband she's going to be a kick boxer and is just preparing for having two older brothers.
  • I told my hubby that baby boy is doing Kung fu. 24 weeks and he can already feel on the outside sometimes.
  • Mine is definitely kicking hard, I'm glad she's doing well! But it kind of gives me the willies every time and startles me. I miss the "flutter" days..
  • Seh114 said:

    I told my hubby that baby boy is doing Kung fu. 24 weeks and he can already feel on the outside sometimes.

    My husband felt baby on the outside at 16 weeks, on the first day I felt her! Like I said, she kicks me hard!;p
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    @hcook321 I felt like my little boys kicks were slowing down last week and it started to worry me since he was super active the week before. I have no clue if this is true but I read that it can sometimes mean the baby is just sleeping a lot and going through a growth spurt. He could have just changed positions and I wasn't feeling him as much. Either way I gained a few more lbs that week than I would have liked so I'm blaming it on the baby having a growth spurt ;) he is back to kicking as usual this week so I'm not concerned!
  • @amorgan71313 that's comforting to hear! I'm still feeling him, just not as strongly. I asked my midwife last week when I should start counting or really focusing on kicks and she said never really, just focus on the "patterns" of when he tends to move. It's hard because I'm still learning them. I know it's still kind of early too at 23 weeks.
  • I definitely feel like my little boy is starting to practice his Kung fu. Although this one is taking it easy on me compared to my first. My oldest cracked my rib with a well place kick at about 7 months
  • Yes! MW could barely measure the HB today because she was moving around too much!

  • My ultrasound tech said it was like she is on a hampster wheel. She is always flipping kicking and generally going crazy. I have a party animal on my hands.
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    My little guy was swatting at his head where the ultrasound wand was touching during the anatomy scan? Sassy just like his older brother :)
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  • So far, we've had a LOT of ultrasounds (high risk), and every single one has shown us the same thing; they're both kicking each other constantly. It takes forever to get all the measurements they need because they simply will not sit still. Oh boy (x2).
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