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Daily Symptoms Thursday 4/30

How's everyone feeling? Post your symptoms here!
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Re: Daily Symptoms Thursday 4/30

  • Can't get my GI system back on track after this stomach bug started on Sunday. Was up all last night w awful gas pains and in the bathroom.. Seems like everything I eat is going through me, even w trying to stick to a pretty bland diet. And now DS1 has it! Poor little man :( hoping we can both just lay on the couch today.
  • Is totally miserable a good answer? Ugh. I really try to be positive. I know I'm blessed with a healthy baby. But I'm so tired and so sore. :(
  • Is totally miserable a good answer? Ugh. I really try to be positive. I know I'm blessed with a healthy baby. But I'm so tired and so sore. :(
  • I feel like my butt was kicked last night. Woke up so sore!
  • So i seriously don't think I've experienced Braxton Hicks yet. Every time I think I have, I fart a minute or so later so it was just gas pains. (PS I love that I can share this with you guy hahahahhaha) So yeah, lots of that going on. Another new symptom, DH has seriously needed to tie my shoes every morning. I was stubborn and did one of them today and ached for 10 minutes following that ordeal. Other than that, just burning ribs and soreness over here!!

    I'm not sure I've experienced any Braxton Hicks either. Out of breath today!!!
  • Woke up with what feels like the beginnings of a cold! And this angers me because I have a baby shower on Saturday! It's going to be rough enough without having to fight off a cold! :( Other than that, the typical hip ache, lower back pain, inability to bend over comfortably... etc. Is it June yet?
  • I'm feeling so nauseous today :(

    And ugh, I hate what an ordeal going to the bathroom has become in the last week. From making sure I'm empty to making sure I'm clean (a back and forth process these days) I end up spending quite a bit more of my day than I'd like in the bathroom.

    Oh, and suddenly I'm constantly starving. Just...it doesn't stop! I am SO ready for baby to make his way into the world so I can (hopefully?) feel like a normal person again!
  • Achey belly. Like sore as in doing 1000 sit ups last night, but I didn't do a single one. It even hurts to bend.  Anyone else?

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  • Today everyone was driving me insane. I'm grumpy, tired, sad, and stressed. I need this to be over already. I only have 5 more weeks tho
  • klkonwi said:

    Ok and worth noting..... It seems like diarrhea is a thing for a lot of us now.....

    So we should start its own thread, right???? Haha!! ;)
    And work really hard to make sure it's always at the top of the cue so no one can avoid it. Maybe even start multiple diarrhea threads - like "stuck on the toilet", "best way to air out the bathroom", "how to hide it from hubby" lol. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine!
  • @devyns2nd if you are worried don't hesitate to go in. Just time your contractions and make sure you've drank enough water that day before going in. Hang in there :) this trimester sucks........
  • Baby has been moving a lot less today and yesterday. It happened very suddenly too. She was bouncing like crazy on Tuesday, and I've barely felt her since. I know I should expect less movement at 35 weeks, but it happened very suddenly, so I'm a little worried. And unfortunately I don't have any time today to count kicks.  :(
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  • @aliciac2008 I had that same problem yesterday ....! Took him til 5pm to move.
  • @klkonwi I remember you talking about that yesterday. I can't believe you survived until 5 without calling! Soooo glad he started moving for you though. I think our LOs are already enjoying making us worry. Just getting us ready for parenthood.
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  • ElRuby said:

    I feel really BIG... And I find so many more people staring and asking me when I am due... When I tell them June they sort of just look confused... Grrr

    I'm totally there! Every single time I say I'm due mid-June, I always get the "you'll never make it past May" comment. Ugh.
  • @MurLindzz where did you find such good prices on maxi dresses?

    Current symptoms. ..exhausted by 330 every day, like need to just nap tired, and her legs are still kicking the sore spot on my left rib I want to cry the pain is so acute sometimes, but other than that thanking my lucky stars that I feel pretty good otherwise. I feel for all you who have it rough! At least it's almost may...getting closer!
  • I cannot freaking wake up!! It's been at it's worse this past week. Today I woke up at 2pm & that's only because I heard geese fighting outside my window lol. I swear I could've stayed sleep. Damn geese! I was having an amazing dream about cake too.
    I'm ready to take a nap & I've only been awake for an hr & a half.
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  • Feeling pretty good today. I still have occasional numbness in my hands, right more than left. I'm pretty sure it's due to increased blood volume, getting fatter, and swelling. A couple of shakes and it goes away. LO is back to moving on a more regular basis. She definitely has her lazy days. They freak me out too, but after a quick Doppler check I always find a heart beat. It's usually in the days I'm more active, so I think I'm just rocking her to sleep a lot.

    I picked asparagus with my mom and DS this morning and ended up carrying DS back across the field because he was tired and didn't feel good, so I got my daily workout in. Now I want a nap. =D>
  • I checked LOs heart beat with one of those apps for your iPhone. I imagine these aren't very reliable, but I found the heart beat and it was pretty high (160). So that paired with the decreased movement has me pretty worried. I know I shouldn't trust this app though. I'm sure it's terribly inaccurate.
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  • @aliciac I thought normal for fetuses was under 170? If that's true then that should give you some reassurance! @klkonwi am I right on this?
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  • Anyone have a constant dizzy feeling? All day I've just felt out of it. I drink tons of water. Went on a short walk around our property and to get the mail down our gravel road (about 15 min of walking) and now I feel more dizzy. I've had it off and on throughout the pregnancy but today is the worst its been. Also have had mild cramping all day which I havent had any of. 

    Think I'm just gonna stay on the couch the rest of the day. 
  • The back pain is finally diminished, I don't know if he's shifted or what but my tailbone feels like it's back in one piece. Heartburn like crazy every so often and I'm so tired all the time.

    (Reposted from thread)
    Have any of you felt like your insides were bruised from all the
    movement? I've been told the kicking is supposed to slow down now that
    there is less room to move in there but it certainly hasn't for this
    little guy. He's always bumping around and there is one spot, top right
    area, that stabs with pain whenever he touches it, like even just a
    gentle push or rub over it. Am I crazy or could it really be a bruise of
    some kind? I asked my Dr about it and she didn't really give me an
    answer. Just mentioned that movement should be slowing down (that was
    two weeks ago at my last appt). I don't have any outward signs of bruising, so I'm curious to see what you all say.
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  • I am super emotional today, like everything is setting me off.  I've got some pretty acute pain in my pelvis (saw my chiro today and he said unfortunately there's probably nothing he can do...just going to have to suck it up) and between the pain and the exhaustion my emotions are just raw.  This is the first time this pregnancy that I've really felt like I could cry for zero reason :(
  • Achey belly. Like sore as in doing 1000 sit ups last night, but I didn't do a single one. It even hurts to bend.  Anyone else?

    Yes, me too. I thought it was from reading the "tenting" thread, but maybe they really are just sore.

    On the one hand, my symptoms include heartburn, exhaustion, seeing stars, sore belly, painful pelvis, more of the constant numb/tingling rib pain, diarrhea, etc etc.

    But actually, I think for being 8 months pregnant, I am doing pretty well today! Getting around almost at my usual pace.

    Have some friends in town who insist I can't do things, which frustrates the hell out of me. There is being nice and then there is crossing a line. I need them to accept that I am not, and do not want to be, as limited as they think I should be.
  • @amark11 That is probably the one thing that annoys me most or even the only thing that annoys me at all. I hate when people act like your disabled because you're pregnant. I'm pretty active and have a lot of physical hobbies (riding horses, doing rodeo events, dirtbiking hiking etc..). Granted I have stopped most of them for the time being. But people gawk at the fact that I would carry a bucket of water for my horses, or pick up my 2 year old step daughter or even a bag of groceries. My response is "I'm pregnant, not crippled. I know how far I can safely push myself" My mother inlaw and sister in law are probably the worst about it lol I know they care and all but it gets old. 

    Or when they say "when you're better we can...." I just wanna yell IM NOT SICK haha 

  • Acne :( I feel like my face forgot it wasn't a teenager anymore! And I am sure the lack of quality sleep doesn't help either.
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