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The Longest Shortest Time: Great Mommy Podcast

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Maybe this is old news but today posted about a parenting podcast called "The Longest Shortest Time" and it's most recent episode about finding yourself again after becoming a mom. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share for for moms looking for some more ways to identify with other moms in this experience. I'm looking forward to listening to more of their episodes.

Also, if you don't podcast I would seriously start! I walk a lot or do tasks where I like background but get sick of my iPod playlists and the same 5 radio songs. This is a nice alternative and there are podcasts for literally every interest! Even super specific weird ones...I'll be searching for the Rambo Cat owners one next ;)

Btw...this is not my podcast or anything like that. Just got excited about how much I enjoyed it and wanted to share!

Edit: sorry if this didn't need to be a thread! Let me know if it should have gone somewhere else!
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Re: The Longest Shortest Time: Great Mommy Podcast

  • Love this!! Thank you!
  • Me and podcasts are besties. I listen to them on my 45 minute commute each day and plan on loading up on them for labor time - for some distraction. I do a lot of comedy ones like How Did This Get Made, The Nerdist, Greg Fitzsimmons, Bill Burr. If you are more into entertainment I recommend The Canon and Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.
  • so glad you posted this, thank you! Started with the first episode and am excited for the series (am new to podcasts but I can't clean and read The Bump at the same time, so this will help me get my pregnancy topics fix!)
  • There is a great miniseries within this, on unmedicated childbirth. In one episode, the hostess interviews Ina May Gaskin and it clears up a LOT of the tension between unmedicated vs medicated births, and the judgment and expectations the debate creates. Totally transformed my (admittedly too judgey) views on the topic. Highly recommend it, regardless of where you stand on the spectrum.
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