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DH .. Problems at work!

So DH works a full time job 10+ hours a day 6 days a week. In the last two years he has missed one day due to me being in the hospital and he left work a few hours early for one of my doctors appointments.. Other than that he is always at work! Everyone at his job knows me and they have been like family to us for years, they know my due date is August 13th and DH talked to them months ago about taking one week vacation starting the day I have the baby. They said that would be fine and they would make sure he could have that time off! Well today he was informed that the only other guy that can cover his job while he is gone is taking a two week vacation aug 5-19 so DH might not be able to take off a full week because they will need someone there to run the shop.
This upsets me for a few reasons. 1) the other worker only works part time and has only been there around 8 months. 2) his reason for vacation is simply to relax. 3) why in the heck would DHs boss even consider letting this guy take a vacation when DH has put in years of loyal work and never asked off for anything for any length of time. This is his first child and he was already told he could have the time off! I honestly think it is very shitty and I hope I'm not acting selfish but it seems unfair!

Sorry about this long rant! Am I wrong for being upset? I told DH to say something... should he????

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    I would certainly say something. Go to the boss, "hey can we talk..." He needs to express his concern for having the vacation time "double booked" make sure the boss realizes he/she did that, and it's fine, so long as it does not affect your husband's ability to take vacation time. Or it does, I would pull rank and ask the boss to make other guy reschedule, or at least be flexible about the dates. Cuz you never know, babies can be late or early.
    My boss double books vacation requests all the time just because he doesn't check the calendar...so it is possible it was an accident.
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  • I would be pissed! Can he talk to the other guy and explain what's going on? That may help. He can say something but it may not do any good if their minds are made up. That's awful!
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  • WDDCHWDDCH member
    Maybe the boss forgot. I forget other people's dates all the time. A simple chat between DH and his boss may help resolve the issue.
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  • How many people work for his company? If it's more than 50 total, they would have to comply with FMLA and give him the time off. Depending on company policy would determine if it could be paid using PTO, sick leave, vacation, etc.
  • If it were me, I would just straight up ask my boss about it. Remind him that my vacation had already been approved even if the dates weren't set in stone and perhaps get something in writing at that point. As pp said, he could also check with HR to find out what their policy is for this as FMLA could help him out. That's a crappy situation, though. Sorry you're having to stress about it.
  • kat+1kat+1 member
    First Do not go your self to your hubby's boss...

    Have hubby talk to the boss and see what can be done.
    From a company perspective more then likely the reason your hubby is getting the pass is because he doesn't have a definitive start date for his vacation request. where the other guy has an actual date from A to B. Your hubby needs to put in an actual request with dates for time off and then amend it when the baby comes that way he's covering his own behind. I realize that you don't know the dates yet but you can just use you due date for now.
  • I would be pissed but hubby needs to explain to boss that his time was approved previously and that unfortunately he will not be able to come to work even if the other coworker will not be there. Being with you and the baby is more important.
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