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A little TMI

I went to the bathroom (number2) and when I wiped there was blood, it was like mucus-y. What would cause this? I called my doctor but they have yet to return my call.

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  • Could be mucous plug, could be extra discharge with a hemmeroid that bled... best way to know is to see your doctor.
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    Highly highly doubt it's your mucous plug at this point.

    It could be an irritated uterus, straining with your BM...you just never know.

    FX it's nothing and your Dr. responds soon.
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  • WDDCHWDDCH member
    Mucous in stool can be a sign of lactose intolerance. Blood could be from a hemmheroid or ulcer or any number of things. It's good that you called. Hopefully they don't delay getting back with you. Call again in the AM if you haven't heard back by then.
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  • kat+1kat+1 member
    Could it have just been cervical mucus that was on the toilet paper? And blood from pooping to hard. This happens to me. Next time wipe your vag first and then see if you have mucus and and then with another piece of toilet paper and wipe your butt.
    I have a lot of cervical mucus during pregnancy ( yes tmi)
  • bpwife&mamabpwife&mama member
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    I agree, mostly likely not your plug. Have you had sex? It could be discharge with a little blood from that. Or as another has noted, an irritated uterus.
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  • This would happen to me pre-pregnancy when I was running a lot,  it was internal hemorrhoids but anytime you see blood in/with bm always call doctor it can be a number of things

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  • I would question if it came from the front or back. It's not uncommon to have a little spotting after having a BM because of straining, which would make sense if it showed up with some discharge. If you think it was from the back, it could have been a hemorrhoid, but the mucous could mean other things as well. As long as you're not cramping or having frank red bleeding from either places, I wouldn't panic. It's good that you called your dr just to be safe... wait for their call back and go from there. FX it's nothing. 
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