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shoe help!

Are there any nurses or women who work long hours here? I need some help....
I've been wearing my Danskos (what I've always worn) and I've even tried my Nike's. But, after a 8+ hour shift my feet and back are still a mess.

Any suggestions?

Re: shoe help!

  • I have danskos and my running shoes. I am
    Also a nurse and work 12 hours. I have to switch between the shoes every other shift. If I wear my danskos two days or the running shoes two days I can hardly walk by noon time. I don't know the science behind it but it totally solved my issue.
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  • Thanks @Saratiff I'll try that! I'm not too concerned about the science as long as it works! Lol :)
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  • There is a brand Bernie Mev that I love so much! I'm a high end shoe store manager so I put in alot of hours on my feet and know alot about shoes. Bernie Mev In an incredible brand it has postorpedic memory foam insides with soft shock absorbing rubber bottom they're light and stretchy great for the swelling.
  • Thanks @babyyyy3 I'll look for some. About what price range so they run?
  • They run from $45-100.
    if you have a hard time finding any feel free to private message me.
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