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Hello! I am a teacher. Currently working as a TA to get into a specific district and gain experience. I wasn't planning on getting pregnant my first year, but of course nothing goes as planned! My district just posted teaching jobs for next year and although I would have jumped on this opportunity if I wasn't going to miss the beginning of the year, I'm unsure if I should apply now. Everyone I work with knows that this is my ultimate goal, and all administrators etc know I am pregnant and will miss time in September.

My question is, is anyone applying for new jobs while pregnant and what do you think about me taking this risk? I guess it doesn't hurt to apply but I guess I'm scared of rejection! My principal likes me and everything, but I don't know if I should just wait until next year and have the flexibility/less stress when my baby is a newborn. I would also take a lot more time off if I stay as a TA. I know there are a ton of posts about interviews but I think my situation is unique.

Whether to work or not is something I struggle with often and I know it's ultimately my decision, but I wondered if any teachers out there have gone through this. I am passionate about my career but want to be around for my kids also. Thanks in advance :)
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