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Jewlery-Rings? Still wearing yours?


Re: Jewlery-Rings? Still wearing yours?

  • @karaelaine1991 my bad, it was using a stretchy type of thread, but here is the link for the video (you could probably use elastic that you purchase with sewing supplies?)

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  • @Westypet @mellymar Windex did the trick! Definitely was NOT pleasant but no damage done to my pretty ring (or my fat finger! Lol), so all's well that ends well! Thank you so much for your help! :)
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  • I'm still wearing mine. I didn't have much swelling with my first or this one, so I'm lucky that way. But heartburn, hemorrhoids, and spider veins, oh my! :)
  • Still wearing mine. I guess it depends, there's days were they feel super tight and I need to take them off, other days not so much. If I do take them off, I wont wear them for a day or two and then put them back on and they're fine.

    There's days were they feel loose, so I take them off. I read a lot of u guys not wearing your rings and people judging, I've never had that happen to me... Or maybe I just never noticed. :-?
  • I had to take mine off today at 32w4d. It took about 10 minutes to get them off
  • I have 2 bands and my engagement ring. I can comfortably wear one band and my engagement ring.
  • Mine still fit, But I am 34 weeks today, and took mine off about a month ago. It get hot down here, really hot for me, and doing any exercise even walking my fingers swell pretty bad. I just found it easier to leave them off rather then to try and remember to take them off and deal with my fingers swelling with them on. As for looks, I haven't gotten any yet, but if I do oh well, that is their problem not mine. 
  • Still wearing mine! Last time I had to remove my engagement ring but my wedding band remained... As much as I hate to admit it I would be nervous about all the judgey judgeys out there to see a big fat pregnant lady with no wedding band!
  • ElRuby said:

    Still wearing mine! Last time I had to remove my engagement ring but my wedding band remained... As much as I hate to admit it I would be nervous about all the judgey judgeys out there to see a big fat pregnant lady with no wedding band!

    This is my first night at my internship without it and I feel like I keep glaring at people who look at my belly - preemptive strike against judgey people lol. And who knows if they're actually judging!
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  • 35 weeks and mine still fits, its a 4 1/2. Although I do get nervous when I exercise because my fingers do slightly swell due to the heat.
  • I haven't had any swelling issues either. Unless I am on my feet all day without really supportive shoes (I'm a teacher and right now slip on shoes are basically all I can get on), then my feet will swell mildly. But my fingers have been fine so I am still wearing my rings.
  • So all this talk about having to get rings cut off made me paranoid and I decided to give my fingers a little break from mine. Engagement ring and birthstone ring came off no problem.... wedding band is stuck. I tried lotion and vegetable oil, no luck. When I got married my priest said that stress can make your fingers swell so I'm going to give myself about an hour to try to relax and not think about it and then try again. But I'm super worried now!

    Try Windex. No joke, it really does work. We used it for my husbands wedding band whose fingers grew around it.
  • Took my wedding set off a little over a month ago. When I went home to south Florida for my baby shower my swelling was SO bad, and when I got on the plane to come back home my poor fat finger was spilling over my ring. I waited to get home and relax before trying to get it off again.
    A couple weeks ago I tried putting it back on for a day and regretted it that night :( I really miss wearing them! I've actually had one person ask me if I was married since I wasn't wearing a ring. Luckily I was in a good mood so I didn't mind, but looking back I think it was a bit rude and definitely none of their business !
  • mlindzzmlindzz
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    I can't remember when I stopped fitting my wedding rings, as a matter if fact, where the heck did I put those? Lol

    Now I'm wearing a band my mama gave me, she said she wore it when she was expecting too. What a cutie! Love her :)
  • My fingers swell slightly overnight, then my rings are tight in the morning. I've got my wedding band still on, but sometimes I move it to my pinkie finger for a little while. I have a ring I wear on my right hand middle finger, and that one I've moved to my ring finger.
  • I have had no swelling so far. I never really wear my wedding ring even when not pregnant. I work with my hands and rings can be uncomfortable and dangerous. I honestly have never gotten any dirty looks and this is baby number 2. I can't imagine someone looking at me differently just because they think I'm not married. People always compliment me on my bump and my beautiful 4 yr old. Maybe I just live in a really none judgemental area??? I also have a different last name than my husband (we've been married for 10.5 years) and son and no one seems to flinch at that either. I feel really bad for you Mamas that have to deal with that kind of negativity!
  • Wearing rings and tying shoes! I've haven't worn my rings though for a few days (I take them off to clean and forget to put them back on) and don't care about people who look for a ring!
  • I had to take mine off in January. My hands and feet started swelling early on. I hate going without them and considered buying a fake ring to get me through, but my husband said I was crazy!
  • still wearing mine!  Not too big of an issue with weight gain or swelling.... some nights I wake up and take them off until the morning, when the swelling goes down.  I TRY to stop drinking after 7 so I'm not up all night peeing, which probably makes the swelling those nights worse.... doesn't seem to help the not peeing part... I'm still up 4-5 times a night....
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