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Discharge question.. probably just paranoid.

Good Morning Ladies!

I was a bumpie back when I was pregnant with my now nearly six year old son. I feel like a complete newbie now that I'm back and cannot for the life of me remember certain parts about pregnancy.

I digress.

I just found out a few days ago and have my first appointment Monday. Just wanted to see if anyone had any input on discharge in super early pregnancy. I've been having dark yellowish discharge today (almost the color of dark urine) and cramps that are pretty constant. Not terrible, just dull achey cramps and pains. Normal, right? 

I've researched way too much and feel like hearing other mamas would calm me down. Anyhoo. Thanks!!
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Re: Discharge question.. probably just paranoid.

  • I've been pretty crampy too, which I read is normal.  No discharge though.  I saw in another post while I was searching around that someone had discharge and it turned out to be a yeast infection.

    Good luck!
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    I'm sort of in the same boat but mine was actually blood. I have no cramping and I feel fine otherwise. And it has only happened one time. Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting to call the doctors on Monday.

    Good luck to you!
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