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Sore nipples. Help!

Me baby is almost 6 months. I have been EBF since he was born. I only pump twice during the day while I am at work so he has milk for the next day at daycare. It has been pain free all until about a week and a half ago. My nipples are super sore, they actually hurt! And I have the constant burning feeling. My baby doesn't have any visible signs of thrush. He eats as good as always. He is not fuzzy. I have not change deodorant or detergent or anything in my diet. Latch is as good as it has always been. I saw my I obgyn and he checked my boobs out and didn't see anything either. He gave me a pill to take in case is yeast and since then i have been putting coconut oil and apple cider vinegar (I read it helps). My nipples are not getting better... It's been 4 days since I took that pill and nothing seems to get better :(:(. Anyone has experience something like that? Any ideas of what could be or what can I do to make it go away? TIA

Re: Sore nipples. Help!

  • Did you change anything with the pump? Pumping faster or with a different pump?
  • Naahh everything is as its always been. Same speed for the pump :(
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  • Here are some more ideas:

    Hope you figure it out
  • Have you read about Raynaud's?
  • Try coconut oil! Helps me sometimes.
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  • Ask your dr to do a swab of your nipples to rule out infection. Burning sensation makes me think thrush or staph infection (I had both!). I'm sure your dr would have seen evidence of mastitis if it was there. Good luck, I know how awful nipple pain can be and how frustrating it is when you can't get answers as to why it's painful!
  • It sounds silly, but putting two bowls on the counter, filling them with warm salt water, and leaning over into them to soak for a couple minutes helped me a lot. I did that in the early days, so it might not be right for you, but just an idea...
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