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Tuesday Clicky Poll Fun: How is your wellness/fitness plan going?

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I wanted to check in with everyone about their activity level now that we are at the end. How are your workouts? Are you working out or able to work out? Need inspiration/motivation? Which of these best reflect your current activity? Feel free to share details in comments below!

Tuesday Clicky Poll Fun: How is your wellness/fitness plan going? 84 votes

Couch Potato! #P90xInfomercial
42% 36 votes
Walking/Trudging as often as I can! #ohgodhowmuchfurther
39% 33 votes
Earth Mama! Doing Prenatal Yoga/Pilates #onewithmybaby
7% 6 votes
I still do crossfit/distance running/bootcamp #whatsyourexcuse
9% 8 votes
Swimming! #willmybabydrowninutero
1% 1 vote
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Re: Tuesday Clicky Poll Fun: How is your wellness/fitness plan going?

  • Hey you need the finger dexterity for all those baby buttons and snaps!!

    Swimming is the only thing that feels good. I walk At the park but my belly and pelvis start aching pretty fast and that blows!
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  • I'm still weight training occasionally and doing short walk/runs with the dog. I need to get back to yoga before back pain starts.
  • I used to walk/work out 5 times week until last week...once I hit 34 weeks, I just became exhausted and now at 35 weeks and with the pain I've been experiencing (see daily symptoms thread) I need to rest and relax per the nurse's instructions. I'm still doing my housework and chores, but an actual fitness plan is long gone. 

    Kudos to all who can still workout!! I'm jealous! 
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  • I second the out of breath thing. I can't reposition myself on the couch without getting winded. I think everything hurts so bad I hold my breath when doing things. I do good to cook three times a day. I won't be exercising fo sho.
  • Daily yoga for 30 minutes or more.

    I was getting walking in but then the allergies started and the southern heat became a little too much...
  • I'm still teaching spin classes twice a week but I wear Poise pads because I do pee my pants a little bit every class. I also require a nap after class to even function.
  • I've been keeping it up regularly, mixing up jogging/hiking/swimming/light weights, though I'm always questioning why I bother... it's not really that enjoyable any more and sadly hasn't helped me manage my weight (I've been steadily putting on a pound a weeks since I POAS). 

    Pretty sure if I had other kids or didn't have a desk job, I would have given up weeks ago. 

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  • I'm taking yoga & a dance class,
    I love it! It forces me to get up & move. I've actually been feeling really good because of it.

    Buuuut when I'm not doing that I'm binge watching Netflix. It's necessary because I'm elevating my feet :D
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  • I'm a nurse and walk A LOT mon-fri that's my exercise these days!
  • I still work out 5 days a week- I can promise you it's why this pregnancy has been a breeze for me and I have a ton of energy.  It's not always fun, but it's so worth it.  
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