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HGC Levels and Morning Sickness?

I'm due on Jan 1, 2016 (it's a New Years baby!) and my HGC betas at 13DPO were 891.

I've been nauseous for the last two days. Not close to throwing up, just constantly queasy (almost like motion sickness which I get a lot). My question is does this sound like morning sickness, and if so, isn't it kind of early to start getting it? Do you think my high HGC has something to do with it?

Re: HGC Levels and Morning Sickness?

  • Hi! Congrats!

    Yes, those symptoms can be due to pregnancy. A lot of women don't complain of morning sickness until a few weeks in, but some feel it right away.

    Hcg is a marker they follow to rule out miscarriage. It can not tell someone exactly how far they are or how bad their symptoms may be. Everyone is different one person can have nausea and vomiting at 1,000 others at 100,000 feel nothing.

    Talk to your dr if you can't keep anything down. Most women say small frequent meals help. You can also Google tons of things that may help including ginger, saltine crackers, etc
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