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5 year old tantrums before school?

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It is hit or miss with my son in the mornings.  Some days he will get up and get dressed to go to school and other days he will throw a fit and cry and refuse to get dressed.  This morning was so awful I told him 10 times to get dressed and instead he just laid there and then cried and threw a fit and I ended up having to spank him and he still didnt get his shoes on.  It is so awful starting our day like this.  Anyone else experience this?  I just don't know what to do.  I am a single mom so I don't have anyone there to help.

Re: 5 year old tantrums before school?

  • I'd bring him to school in his pjs.  Bring the clothes with you, chances are he'll let you dress him before getting out of the car, if not leave it in his backpack and maybe he'll do it on his own later.  You can also start a sticker chart, some sort of prize or trip after 5 good mornings.
  • Thanks! Those are great ideas.  I like the idea of the sticker chart.  
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