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Hot springs while pregnant


So I'm 12 weeks pregnant today and I'm on vacation. It's actually something I planned months ago before getting pregnant. I wasn't careful a few days ago and ended up getting into one of the hotsprings here in Costa Rica. I'm freaking out! It was a whim of the moment thing and I didn't realize that it could be harmful to the baby. My doctor didn't fill me in on this. Once I came back to the hotel I read up on it.... Most of the information I find is really negative. Does anybody have more information about this or have any experience?

Thank you

Re: Hot springs while pregnant

  • It's generally advised not to elevate your core temp above 102 degrees for longer than 15 minutes at a time, however just doing it once, I don't think it should be too much of a problem.  Call your doctor, or a nurse line - they can either ask you to come in or tell you its ok - either way its likely to make you feel a little better if your doc is watching the situation
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  • Hot tubs are not recommended so I would say no hot springs. You don't want to raise your body's core temp.
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  • I read so long as the water isn't over 100 degrees you should be fine.
  • Maybe you could just dangle your feet in and socialize?
  • I have done a lot of online search on this question also due to a pre-planned vacation with hot tubs and I concluded for myself that hot springs, hot tubs and saunas were not recommended, due to both raising you temperature and the risk of infection. However, afterwards (and after I limited myself to only one short visit of the hot tub on that vacation), quite a few friends told me that their doctors actually approved it, if it was done in moderation and not too I am pretty sure that the one time will not do any harm to your baby !

    And just another point, I have just found out that hot springs with sulfur are not supposed to be good for pregnant women at all, so if the hot springs where you are contain sulfur, you should not be hanging around the springs too much even outside  (I was now googling whether I can go into not too hot sulfur springs the next weekend .. .and again, no hot bath for me. I hope these babies will appreciate our sacrifices  :-)
  • I think one time you should probably be okay. My SIL got into a hot tub at the spa before knowing she was pregnant and was worried, but she had a beautiful baby girl with no problems. Plus it depends on the temperature also as other posters have mentioned.
  • Thank you everyone for your insight! I'll double check with my doctor when I get back!
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