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Telling my kids

My kids are 17 and 19 but for some reason I'm nervous about telling them that I'm expecting, I keep telling myself I'll let them and my family know at 12 weeks when I'm out the woods... I've only told my 3 close friends and they're so excited for me... Am I over reacting or overthinking things... Opinions please

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  • I don't think that you are overreacting, I was scared of telling mine and they are just little. We told them after my first appt and ultrasound since everything went well, but as far as how to tell teenagers I have no good advice.
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  • I am on my 4th, since my oldest is 5 we are waiting so he doesn't spill the beans :). But I am nervous to see how my oldest 2 stepsons will react, they are 19 and 16. They have been excited for the first 2/3 but i am not sure how they will with this one. I think they think that 3 was enough, good thing it's not their choice though :)
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  • We told our three yesterday and they were so very excited. They are 9, 7, & 5. I was a little worried about how the 9 year old would feel. So far there has been tons of excitement and happiness but I won't be surprised if there are questions/concerns after the news has settled in. I think the key will be to check in with them in the coming weeks and months to see how they're feeling about it and keep asking if they have questions.

  • It's ok to be nervous!! I have a 2 year old but I was 12 when I found out my dad was having ANOTHER baby (my youngest brother). I was very disappointed and scared. But for completly different reasons than you would think.

    In all honesty tho, iv had baby news broke to me so many times all you can do is be upfront and honest with them. Since they are older they may be more open about how they feel.
  • Thanks ladies for all your encouraging Comments... I'll let you know when I break the news, I'm hoping sooner than later
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    Our kids (13, 9, and 4) found out right along with us since they we had talked before about having another baby. Our oldest is happy, but I think a little apprehensive about the age difference, and as a teenager he knows that babies aren't all giggles and coos.

    I think the best thing you can do is to make sure that conversation is happy and honest, and just go for it. It's totally normal to feel the way you do, and I think as long as the conversation is open and positive, and you prepare for the reactions, whatever they may be, you'll be five. Good luck!
  • My boys are 17 and 13 ... I keep saying I'll tell them next week but find a reason to wait. Don't know why I'm nervous as I'm pretty sure they will be happy.
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