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Fill in the blank, Moms!

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The one crazy trick that got my baby to sleep was _______________  

Re: Fill in the blank, Moms!

  • ErloneErlone
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    In this hot weather, blowing air with a sheet ;)
  • The boobie bottle
  • A bath! If my boy wouldn't settle I would strip him off and give him literally a 3 minute soak and wet his hair. Then ready for bed and a 5 minute cuddle and he was off for the whole night!!!
  • Jtsma10Jtsma10
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    Dad playing video games. He liked the loud music and action going on, it put him to sleep right away. Dad was happy because he got to play video games (3rds at the hospital) and I was happy because I got to sleep! 

  • Tickle her face
  • Mt2713Mt2713
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    A warm bath with soothing lavender lotion and me singing him his special sleepy song in Spanish
  • rawrxorawrxo
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    Boob. lol
  • aziz4aziz4
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    Lullabys :)
  • If a boob wouldn't work, standing and bouncing in a dim room would usually put my little one to sleep.
  • Giving my son a bottle or taking a hot, soapy bath.


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  • Ed Sheeran- Think out loud. Works everytime
  • The Breast and me singing
  • Bink+Blanket+that song from Babe
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